Trundle bed evokes images of pee-pots, snoring Lords and unshaven servants sleeping in a bare stone-walled castle room. The first mention of a trundle bed is made in the sixteenth century. It was common then to have the servants sleep in the same room to protect the Lord of theRead More →

Sleigh beds have inward or outward curved headboards and footboards which make the bed look like a sleigh. The headboard is higher than the footboard; a common size could be a forty four inch headboard with a thirty two inch footboard. The headboards can also be disproportionately higher. The sidesRead More →

Waterbeds have been in use practically or as theoretical possibilities since the early nineteenth century. A late nineteenth century, 1871 to be precise, mention of water beds is also made by Mark Twain. The real practical use of the water bed was initiated in 1968 by Charles Prior Hall. HeRead More →

Fake grass is known by many names including artificial turf, Astroturf and synthetic turf. The need for fake grass arose from the need to have a level playing field in the huge stadiums which started to appear in the 1960s. The requirement arose because natural grass was unable to growRead More →

Adjustable beds are so versatile that when activated by an unseen operator with a remote control they almost look human in their movements. These movements resemble a person lying in a prone position, then pulling up his legs, bending the knees, raising the back and then again going back toRead More →

Bamboo sheets are the perfect discovery in the search for a green fabric. Bamboo is fast growing and renewable. It does not require any fertilisers or chemical processes to make it grow. In fact the manufacture of bamboo sheets uses material which otherwise would just go to waste and rotRead More →