10 Creative Small Space Lighting Ideas

By | 04.10.2018

Kitchen lightsThe lighting in your home is essential for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere and providing illumination for dark spaces to keep your family safe at night. However, you have to be creative when it comes to illuminating small rooms due to the location or lack of electrical outlets. A lot of people don’t realize that the use of lighting has an impact on how space is perceived and can make a home look unwelcoming or warm and friendly. Here are some creative suggestions for lighting small spaces.

1. Overhead and Wall Lighting

A small room can achieve a sense of depth by using dimmers for overhead and wall or track lights. Lower lighting settings in a bathroom allow for a Zen-type atmosphere and provide the illusion of being more spacious. Wall sconces on either side of a fireplace on a low setting provide a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

2. Surface Lighting

Lighting aimed at ceilings or walls or surfaces in the field of vision can redirect the illumination into the room. Surface lighting diminishes harsh shadows and glare; offering a soft ambiance. Recessed lighting in ceilings will illuminate surfaces of tables or floors. Using area lights is an excellent way to evenly distribute light throughout the room.

3. Lighting Dark Spaces

Effective use of lighting in corners provides the illusion of more space. Positioning the lighting to illuminate more than one surface increases the amount of light that penetrates the room. Another way to light up a dark space is to hang pendant lights at varying heights to create a cozy atmosphere. A classic floor lamp placed in a narrow space provides extra illumination, especially at night.

4. Decorative Lighting

When you’re choosing decorative lighting for a small space, stay away from elaborate fixtures like chandeliers. Recessed lights are an excellent alternative and can give a narrow space the appearance of being larger than it actually is. Track lighting can make a narrow room appear to be wider and longer. Simple, accent lighting is available in an array of styles to complement any decor.

5. Task Lighting for Small Rooms

A kitchen or den in an apartment often has limited space. One way to add more illumination is to hang a pendant light over a kitchen island. Another suggestion is to install task lighting. Under-the-cabinet lighting provides the right amount of light when you’re working at your kitchen counter. In a den or office, a small wall light that extends provides sufficient light for working at your desk.

6. Light, Colors, and Mirrors

When your decor includes off-white hues and mirrors with your lighting, you can maximize the amount of light in the room and create visual effects that enhance the space. Place mirrors along a wall directly across from a wall of windows to create an illusion of more glass and bounce the light around the room. The combination of neutral paint shades, mirrors, and lighting make the room seem more expansive.

7. Dramatic Fixtures

A small room that has a sufficient amount of natural light can benefit from a dramatic ceiling fixture that draws the eye upward, illuminating the space and making it appear bigger. A white ceiling in a room that has a lot of illumination makes it appear more spacious.

8. Lampshades Make A Difference

The quality and amount of light in a room can be determined by the lampshades you select. Dark colored shades will localize the light below and above the lamp. Lighter colored lampshades will allow more light to penetrate throughout the room. Don’t be afraid to be innovative in your selections. For a contemporary look, mesh or glass shades rather than traditional styles.

9. Incandescent Light

Melatonin is essential for a good night’s sleep. Blue light suppresses this hormone making it difficult to relax, to provide a small bedroom with a warm and cozy atmosphere that will help you to feel calm before retiring for the night, choose incandescent bulbs in a soft, glowing yellow that send a signal to your body that it’s time to unwind and get ready for sleep.

10. Outdoor Lighting

If you have an outdoor patio adjacent to a small space, it’s easy to incorporate outdoor lighting into the room to enhance the feeling of being outside. Fairy lights are customarily used around shrubs and trees on a patio but can decorate indoor plants in a small space to offer the illusion of being outdoors. By using a combination of decorative wall, ceiling, and floor lighting, you can transform a dark, cramped space into a stylish, attractive room that you’ll enjoy relaxing or entertaining in.

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