10FT Trampoline Buying Tips

Trampolining is not only a great form of exercise, it also provides entertainment while enjoying the outdoors, and most importantly is simply lots of fun. Aside from offering health and recreational benefits, it can also have competitive value as well for those engaged in sports requiring jumping, twisting, and flexibility.

A trampoline consists of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched over a steel frame connected by numerous coiled springs, which gives it elasticity. A 10ft trampoline is an idyllic size for the outdoors, especially for a small family or for those with fairly limited space. It is certainly adequate for growing kids looking for outdoor recreation. 10 ft trampolines provide a total surface area of over 78ft, giving kids enough space to bounce safely.

It is recommended that 10ft trampolines have at least 72 springs and that the springs be 7 inches each, to distribute the weight and lessen the threat of breakages. However, most models generally have 60 to 72 springs with a length between 7 and 8.5 inches, so you should look closely when shopping. Those with more springs or larger springs will usually be more durable and also safer, so if you can afford the extra money they cost, it is worth the investment. An average 10ft trampoline should have a weight limit of around 100kg or 220lbs. The weight limit of trampolines depends on the thickness of the steel frame and the size and strength of the springs.

When you are looking for 10ft trampolines for sale, you will find many usually will come with an enclosure included (which is great for safety purposes), averaging between $200 and $300 in price. As with most other products, the quality of the equipment, as well as optional upgrades, affects the price. A trampoline enclosure is usually included with the basic package for some 10ft trampolines, but if it is not, buying a trampoline enclosure is an important add-on, especially when young kids will be using it. The enclosures provide an added measure of safety and protect jumpers from falling off, potentially landing on concrete or the hard ground and causing serious harm or injury.

Buying a 12ft trampoline is another option, and is considered a better choice for more mature users or those with more backyard space. The same guide as with the smaller 10ft trampoline can be followed in buying it – opt for those with more springs, larger springs, and a heavier material on the jumping surface, as well as a stronger steel frame. If the space in the backyard permits it, it is more advisable to buy the bigger size so that the kids can grow into it.

Trampolines that are 14 feet in diameter are the most popular for those who are serious about trampolining as a sport. They are also popular in the practice of aerial tumbling and twisting moves for other sports such as gymnastics, high diving, freestyle skiing, freestyle boarding or wake boarding. Unlike the smaller models, 14 ft trampolines can accommodate up to 4 bouncers at a time. But many homeowners that are just looking for a place for their kids to have fun in the backyard don’t opt for these larger models and instead buy 10ft trampolines, or even an 8ft trampoline instead.

The presence of a smaller 10ft trampoline with a bouncing kid on top has become a popular scene in many homes in America. These smaller trampolines are more economical for those just looking for a casual “toy” compared to a serious piece of exercise equipment and they also fit better in most backyards. But 10ft trampolines also pose more possible risks than larger models, such as the potential for kids falling off the trampoline, getting hurt by the trampoline’s frame, colliding with another bouncer, bad landings and more.

Because of these potential risks, it is imperative that proper safety precautions be observed and it is recommended that you purchase a 10ft trampoline and enclosure, either together as one kit, or as two separate purchases. You may need to buy the enclosure separately for some models, but if you do, just make sure you buy a 10ft trampoline enclosure so that it properly fits the size of the trampoline – otherwise it will not provide any safety benefits. Buying a 10ft trampoline with enclosure all together helps avoid these potential accidents because the trampoline already comes with the appropriate enclosure and tells you how to set it up as part of the initial installation process.

A trampoline enclosure is basically strong netting that is placed around the trampoline, with a frame to hold it in place. Most trampolines come already packaged with an enclosure, and some even come with padding to put around the frame or on the ground surrounding the trampoline. If you buy a 10ft trampoline that does not include these safety features, it is important to get them, and a kit can usually be bought in sporting goods stores or online from retailers that sell 10ft trampolines and accessories. Just make sure that whatever you buy is sized properly to fit the size of the trampoline you have.

Trampolines are a great addition to your backyard enjoyment and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, as well as adults if the trampoline is big enough and can withstand the added weight. In order to best enjoy your new 10ft trampoline, however, it is important that you consider safety precautions such as installing a trampoline enclosure, as well as some trampoline mats on the ground around the edges of the trampoline. The trampoline should be positioned on a flat surface, away from anything that can potentially cause harm to jumpers, such as tree branches and electrical wires, or even the edges of a patio umbrella.

Caring for your trampoline entails cleaning it periodically and also checking for safety issues, such as making sure there are no rips or tears in the trampoline itself or the safety enclosure. There are coating sprays that can be used to protect the fabric from wear and tear. You also need to check the springs to make sure that they are not broken and are all attached properly. With proper care, a good quality trampoline can be enjoyed for a long time. Many of the higher quality suppliers even offer lifetime warranties. The good ones also provide information on how to find accessories, parts or replacements, should there be a need.

Buying a 10ft trampoline can result in lots of fun times for your family, as well as a great source of outdoor exercise. Just be sure that you keep safety as a priority when installing and using your new 10ft trampoline, so that your new addition is the source of only good times and safe fun.

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