12FT Trampoline Buying Tips and Safety Information

The feeling of flying through the air is one like none other. That is why so many children enjoy jumping on trampolines. 12ft trampolines are becoming more and more popular purchases to be placed in residential backyards. They are usually relatively inexpensive and offer hours upon hours of fun times and enjoyment to whomever is jumping on them, as well as some good exercise.

A trampoline is basically a taut piece of fabric that is very strong and can hold the weight of the jumpers. That piece of fabric is then connected to a metal frame by many small metal springs. Due to the fabric being taut, the springs make the fabric act like elastic when it is jumped on. The tension of the fabric then launches the jumper into the air repeatedly each time the jumper lands on the fabric.

There is nothing very special about a 12ft trampoline compared to those of other sizes, except for the fact that it is one of the most popular sizes of trampolines for recreational use. Trampolines can range from 6 feet on up, although there are even mini trampolines for individual use (they are usually used indoors). 12ft trampolines are a good size because they can fit a couple of people at a time and provide adequate jumping room, without taking up a tremendous amount of space in the yard. If however, you are very short on space, you may want to consider a 10ft trampoline instead, although this will give you more limited jumping room.

Aside from the size of the trampoline, you will also have to pick the shape of the trampoline. The shape is not a big part in the decision process because they all work the same way, but most standard trampolines, especially 12ft trampolines, are round. The basic shapes you have to pick from are round, oval, square, rectangle, hexagon, or octagon. If you have a specific space to fit your trampoline and a round one doesn’t work, you may have to search for a different shape.

When it comes to budget, there can be a variety of price points among trampolines. 12ft trampoline prices will be in the same general range, and will differ more from other sized trampolines than from each other, but the quality of the trampoline will have an impact on the price, as well as some optional features. As with other products, the more you generally spend, the higher the quality will be of the apparatus and the longer it may last. Cheap 12ft trampolines may not hold up well over time and can even be a safety hazard if they are not equipped to hold the weight or number of people that a typical 12ft trampoline is intended to accommodate. If you buy 12ft trampolines that cost a little more, they will usually have stronger springs, a more durable fabric on the jumping surface, and may even have additional padding around the edges, as well as other safety features such as enclosures or mats.

One consideration that will affect the price of 12ft trampolines, or any other size trampoline for that matter, is whether or not it has a safety enclosure included in the package. Even though trampolines can be a lot of fun, they can at the same time be very dangerous as well. A 12 ft trampoline with enclosure is a great solution to keeping jumpers as safe as possible. Many brands will sell their 12ft trampolines with enclosures so that the safety net is made to fit the exact model of the trampoline and is part of the initial set up instructions, making it more likely that it will be used.

A trampoline enclosure is basically netting that is placed around the whole trampoline, reaching high enough up that it prevents jumpers from easily falling off the sides. It does not matter what shape trampoline you have because there should be enclosures made to fit any shape or size trampoline. If the particular 12ft trampoline model you are considering does not come standard with a safety enclosure, you can usually buy a 12ft trampoline enclosure separately and as long as it is made to fit the same shape as you have, it should be able to be attached to the trampoline you buy. If at all possible though, it is best to try to buy a 12ft trampoline and enclosure together, to better guarantee that the enclosure will fit properly and that jumpers will remain as safe as possible.

Buying a trampoline is a great decision because kids of all ages can have so much fun on it and trampolines are a great form of exercise. If you have the room, 12ft trampolines are the way to go, since they provide ample tumbling space and can accommodate multiple people at the same time, without being overly large and taking up too much room. But if you don’t have the room, you can still get enjoyment out of a 10ft or 8ft trampoline. No matter what type of trampoline you decide to buy, however, consider safety first. That is why you should also consider a 12ft trampoline enclosure if the model you buy doesn’t already come with one, as well as some safety mats to place on the ground along the edges of the trampoline. This will ensure that in addition to enjoyment and good exercise, everyone stays safe.

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