3 Things to Know Before You Buy a TV Stand

When I recently purchased my new 65″ LCD TV the last thing I had on my mind was a TV stand. I was all taken with the screen resolution and what my college football games were going to look like on it, and how the blue-ray movies were going to seem as though I was being assaulted by real life in my living room. When the my new TV arrived in a crate the size of my love seat, I suddenly realized that TV Stands should have been a priority of mine.

1. If possible, prepare ahead of time. If you are going to order a new TV then take the time to get the dimensions and search around for a good TV Stand. Especially with the larger Televisions available today, you want to make sure that the stand you get can support the weight. My 65″ LCD television set for instance weighs in excess of 250 pounds. The typical Plasma TV Stands out there today will not support that kind of weight. There will be nothing worse if your beautiful new TV comes crashing to the ground because of a poor choice in TV Stands.

Once I had my new entertainment device out of the box, I realized that it wouldn’t fit correctly in the old TV space. I knew it was going to be considerably larger, and I anticipated I would need to do something a little different. I didn’t however, realize I would need to rearrange the entire living room.

2. Consider where you will place your TV. In my case I had to put it in the corner, and this was best served by using a corner TV stand instead of a more traditional television stand. Try to see where your television will fit in best with the rest of your homes decor. If you choose wisely, you can find a beautiful new look to your home, especially if you enhance the current decor with a stand that matches the theme. I have discussed this style of audio-video furniture in more detail with the post Corner TV Stands For Flat Screen TVs if you would like some more information about it.

There are other options to TV stands. You can always get a TV wall mount. For me, this wouldn’t work well because the wall that I would use didn’t have enough studs to support the weight. So I went looking for more traditional home entertainment furniture. I found some that looked perfect, but the cost was well over half what I paid for my TV!

3. Consider your budget. If I had this process to do all over again, I would factor the cost of my TV stand into the overall cost of my new television. Much like a question I once heard on a radio call in show where the owner of a new high dollar performance sports car asked if he had to use the premium gas in his new car because premium gas is so expensive, if you are going to shell out the bucks for a sweet Plasma TV, have the good sense to protect your investment with one of the many sweet Plasma TV Stands on the market today which will support the weight and give you the peace of mind you need.

Television stands have evolved over the years in amazing ways since the first black and white TV sets hit the market. From the pine TV cabinet to television brackets and from the TV swivel stand to the TV brackets for LCD TVs, there is something out there for every taste, size, style, and budget (yes, you can always find a free desk someone is throwing out if your budget is free – that’s what I ended up doing until I had the needed cash). Just make sure you don’t end up in my position trying to figure it out once your TV gets there, it is so much more fun to play with your new toy than to be searching for the perfect TV stand.

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