3 Types Of Pool Filters

What is one thing that every pool must have? Pool toys? A water slide? That would be nice, but the actual answer is a pool filter. Pool filters are absolutely crucial to have for the pool if you want your pool to have a long life. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when setting up your pool filter is that the closer the pool filter is setup to the pool, the more effective it will typically be. In this article, three different types of pool filter companies and the many pool filters they offer are going to be discussed, so you can decide which type of pool filter is right for your pool.

Let’s start with a Hayward pool filter. This is a very dominant product in the pool industry. The company offers high quality products that are energy efficient, which is very necessary in today’s world. Hayward offers filters for above ground swimming pools and inground pools. Hayward pool filters come in three different types of filters, just like other pool filter companies – sand filters, cartridge filters and D.E filters. Each one of these filters has a few different versions that are designed for different ways to filter your pool.

Doughboy is another pool filter giant. They have been around for a long time and offer a great product. Doughboy Pools actually offers six different filter products, and each of them have their own specialty. The filters that they offer include aquaview, mediamaster, silica, sequel, generation II, and tri-filter. If a consumer is interested in Doughboy as their pool filter supplier, they should do research about all of the types of filters that they offer to see which would be best for their pool, or they can ask a dealer for advice.

The last pool filter company that is going to be discussed is Sta-Rite Industries. They carry plenty of different types of filters and they are pretty similar to Hayward filters with their offerings in filters. Sand, cartridge, and D.E filters are available by Sta-Rite as well. Sta-Rite’s top filter is the sand filter. They have plenty of different types of sand filters, with their three top sand filters being Cristal-Flo, the HRPB and the Systems 3. If a consumer is interested in going the Sta-Rite route, they should do research on the products just like the other two pool filter companies that were discussed to find the most appropriate and effective pool filter to fit their pool’s needs.

As you can see, there are a lot of different pool filter companies that offer a great deal of products. Three of the top companies were discussed in this article – Hayward, Doughboy and Sta-Rite – they are the “pool filter giants” in the industry and are highly recommended. Every consumer is advised to do research about the various pool filter products available before deciding which one to purchase in order to see which one will best suit their pool.

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