3 Vegetable Garden Design Questions to Ask Yourself

One of the best things about vegetable gardening is enjoying the fruits of your labor and being able to plan out growing vegetables by determining what to grow, where to grow it and how to grow it. You’re the boss of this space. Not only are you reducing environmental damage caused by the transportation of food, you are getting fresh and nutritional produce that you know has been born properly.

When determining your vegetable garden design, there are few thing is you need ask yourself.

What should I grow? Choosing which vegetables to grow in your home vegetable garden is probably the most important question you want to ask yourself. Think about what has and has not worked for you in the past. Think about where you were growing vegetables and fruit. Think about what you and your family preferred to eat and how you plan to preserve any leftover over vegetable plants, if any. You may want to consider planting fruit or vegetables that are hard to find or expensive to get added benefit from this hobby.

Where should my garden be? A great place to start in your vegetable garden design is determining the location of your vegetable garden. Look for a location that has lots of sun and shelter. Few vegetables will tolerate she shaded, such as spinach and lettuce. You also want to focus on planting vegetables that will thrive in your type of soil. Root crops thrive in any soil and brassicas like alkaline soil. You want to come up with the best garden decor ideas that you possibly can, especially if its in a visible location.

How much should I grow? The answer to this is entirely up to you. Container gardening is becoming more and more popular of late due to the convenience or limited space options. However, if you want to become truly efficient at vegetable gardening, herb gardening or fruit gardening, then you are going to have to invest time, space and care. You want to focus on growing vegetables that you’re able to keep up with. If you grow too large of a garden and just do not have the time to keep it, there will be lots of waste or even dead plants.

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