3 Ways To Make Your House More Comfortable

Many people think of their home as a safe haven, a place of refuge against the stresses of daily life. But there are times when we get so busy that we become unable to take care of our own homes. As a result it becomes a mess! Imagine coming home to a house where dishes are piled up on the sink, clothes litter the floor and everything else is pretty much in disarray. Sounds stressful, right? Instead of a place of refuge it becomes a place you would rather run away from.

If you are faced with this dilemma then take heart. Let me reveal to you 3 ways to make your house more comfortable.


Get a comfy sofa. Last week I visited a friend’s house – and promptly fell in love with her couch. It was made of black leather that was soft and smooth to touch. But the best part way when you sat down on it you could recline the back and raise the foot rest. It was a great couch to relax in. Having a comfy sofa at home can provide you with a place to sink down and relax in after work. Imagine reclining on a sofa with a glass of wine and a good movie. Just a simple act like this can de-stress you already.


Keep a jellyfish for a pet. Some people might prefer cats or dogs but according to some studies jellyfish have a relaxing effect on people. This is why some psychiatrists would recommend this to their patients. It has something do with their slow graceful movements. They just bob up and down in relaxed state, never in a hurry. Looking at them just relaxes you.


Get yellow lights. Yellow lights have a more pleasing effect than white lights. Using yellow lights will bath your home in a warm golden glow. They have a softer effect and will make your house appear more comfortable and homey.

Would you like to make your home more comfortable? Then try these three tips and see how they work out for you.

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