6 Different Kinds Of Lawn Aerators

Lawn aerating involves a lot of time, both actually doing it and deciding what aerator to use. Before deciding what lawn aerator to use, you should know you got a wide variety of models to choose from. Let’s see some of the most important ones.

The hand lawn aerator is the basic and the cheapest tool. It is recommended for small yards, since using it can be quite exhausting.

The spike aerator is a bit more evolved. You can lawn aerate by digging holes with the help of the spikes. It implies way less effort than using a hand aerator and it is more effective.

Liquid lawn aerator is considered to be the less effective tool. This is mostly because it was not scientifically tested. Besides that, how effecting can a liquid be when aerating?

Rolling aerators come in multiple models. Even some spike aerators can be considered to be rolling aerators. They basically consist in a roll you normally pull around your lawn. It may have spikes or other such extra features to aerate the lawn as you go.

Aeration shoes are another interesting method to aerate without using a device. Basically, you mount these shoes on your real shoes and walk around your lawn. However, this method may lead to soil compaction. While you aerate the lawn at the surface, you compact the bottom layers.

The plug lawn aerator is considered to be the most effective tool of aeration, although it may damage your lawn. Plug aerators actually remove parts of your soil in order to aerate the lawn. If you got a small lawn, it is definitely not your best option, since it will damage the look of your yard. However, it is very effective for large lawns that are not meant to be aesthetic anyway.

As you can see, you got where to choose from, depending on the needs of your soil.

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