8 Reasons I Want a Donut Marker Machine

My top ten list of most wanted items I want for Christmas has plenty of room for a donut maker machine. These machines are great fun to use and can create tons of delicious donuts in not very much time at all. My top ten reasons to get a donut making machine are as follows:

1)Donut maker machines a relatively easy to use and they save you a lot of time. If you are catering a party or you are just in a mood for a great breakfast it doesn’t get any better that when you are eating donuts.

2)Donut makers are great for making Christmas donuts that you can give out to all your friends and neighbors.

3)Eating donuts is a great American pastime. Donuts have been found in American cookbooks dating back to the early 1800s.

4)When they were first invented that were only served a delicate treats or something you might find in a specialty store. Only recently has the technology been improved so as to allow os to mach large quantities of .

5) There are a lot of different types of donut recipes out their. There are breakfasr recipes, recipes for desserts and even some for dinner.

6) some donut makers can also be used to make scones which is also one of my favorites, especially with full fat butter and yogurt and powdered sugar on them.

7) Making donuts brings me back to my memories as a child, making donuts with my mother. In addition having a donut making machine would be a great oppourtunity for me to create quality donut making memories with my family. This would especially be something fun that we could do over the holidays.

8) Donuts also make great snack. Why donuts can even be used for decorations at your Christmas party. Tying donuts to a string and trying to eat them off of one is also a great party activity.

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