A Bean to Cup Coffee Maker Could Change How You Drink Coffee

A Bean to Cup Coffee MakerAre you tired of getting up every morning and grinding your coffee beans or having to stop at the nearest coffee stand to spend several dollars on a single cup of coffee? A bean to cup coffee maker may be right for you. With bean to cup machines you don’t have to grind the beans. You don’t have to get a filter out. You don’t have to do much of anything. These machines are extremely convenient for the coffee drinker on the go. Companies like Delonghi, Saeco, Krups, and Gaggia now produce Bean to Cup Coffee machines. So how do these work?

The Process

Load the machine with beans and milk and your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine and press a button and the machine will grind your beans on the spot. It will extract the coffee using high pressure. You no longer have to worry about applying the perfect amount of pressure and making bad shots when you’re making espresso! Your machine will apply the pressure for you! The machine will fill your cup and will discard the used coffee to a separate area where you can empty it at a later date. Then your machine will be ready to make more coffee!

There are combination machines that make both espresso and coffee as well as machines that have features such as a steamer that will let you steam milk to make yourself a latte. Some machines let you use E.S.E pods as well as coffee beans. The prices of these machines vary widely in price. Make sure you get one that gives you features that you are confident in. Also, don’t get a machine that has features that you likely won’t use – try to find a machine that will suit your needs.


ELETTA CAPPUCCINO TOP ECAM 45.760.WThe coffee in a bean to cup coffee maker is supposed to be comparable to the taste that you would get from a standard machine, but an expert will always be able to create a superior drink using a regular manual espresso machine. You can however save a lot of time on travelling to coffee shops or using a standard espresso maker if you go with the automatic option.

You also save time having to go through the standard procedures for making coffee in your home. For some people though, there’s something nice in making their own coffee the old fashioned ways. Others enjoy the social aspect that comes alone with going to coffee shops. If you’re a coffee drinker on the go, look into getting a bean to cup coffee machine and make it as easy as possible to get your morning caffeine fix.

Images source – Delonghi

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