A Comparison of Teak Wood and Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is the type of furniture that is used for outdoors. Both teak furniture and cast aluminum furniture can be used for this process. In this article I offer to compare them and learn it’s main advantages and disadvantages.

Teak wood patio furniture

Teak wood patio furniture

  1. Teak is the best wood available for making furniture with its durability in any type of weather:
  2. Teak wood can resist shrinking, warping, swelling and even rot.
  3. The high oil content in it makes sure that the wood is preserved well.
  4. It is used to make furniture, boats and other articles that need resistance to some elements.

Teak wood furniture although most expensive has become a status symbol. The benefit of this wood is that it is smooth and doesn’t splinter. Furniture from this wood can be kept in the sun for long duration without any harm for it.

Cast aluminium patio furniture

Cast aluminium patio furniture

Nowadays cast aluminum is used widely to make furniture. It’s main advantages are:

  1. Cast aluminum patio furniture is light weight and can be moved to one place from other. It can also be modeled on to any size and shape.
  2. Cast aluminum patio furniture never rusts and is having relatively low maintenance factor.
  3. They will be powder coated and will be in variety of colors.
  4. They are beautiful to see and are cheap to buy. It is very strong and durable and can be used in any patio settings.

What if you choose teak?

Some teak outdoor furniture owners tend to stain their furniture in order to prevent the grey color of the ageing teak wood. Staining of the teak outdoor furniture allows you to have any color for your teak furniture. In order to stain the teak furniture, you need to sand down the teak to reach the bare skin of the wood. Once the stain is done, you cannot get back the silver color of the aging teak. In order to keep the brownness of the wood, it is good to apply teak oil every three months.

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