A Copper Mailbox Makes A Great First Impression

Many of us are proud homeowners. We take pride in having a well kept house and garden, and love to spend time updating the look of our home, both inside and out. We may spend hours using deck design software to plan the perfect deck or spend weekend upon weekend tending to our vegetable gardens or puttering around with our garden pond. Sometimes, however, we forget that our home also includes our front yard, and specifically our mailbox. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful home marred by the less than satisfactory condition of the mailbox, because the look of a mailbox in front of a home goes a long way towards the overall first impression a home makes on passersby.

A mailbox actually plays a very important role in our homes. Besides the obvious, which is that a mailbox is a receptacle to hold our incoming and outgoing mail, it also announces our home to visitors. This may sound funny, but our mailboxes are usually the first thing a visitor encounters when approaching our home and they can either be welcoming and inviting, or they can be a less than exciting welcome mat. So when we talk about decorating the exterior of our home, we should not forget to think about our mailbox and the effect it can have on the overall exterior decor, as well as the first impression people have about our home.

There is one great way to add instant charm and appeal to the front of our homes, and that is by using a copper mailbox. Nothing says grace and elegance like an attractive copper mailbox in the front yard, proudly announcing the name of the homeowners or the house number.

Why is copper such a sought after material for a mailbox, you may ask? Well, first of all, copper is very durable and never rusts, making it an ideal material for a mailbox. Rain or shine, or even snow, your copper mailbox will not rust. Even if you live near the ocean, saltwater will not corrode your copper mailbox (which is why you see copper mailboxes at beach homes so often). This means that you never have to replace your mailbox and it will never look rusty and unkempt! Now isn’t that a worthwhile investment for your home?

Copper mailboxes come in great finishes, too. If you want a polished look, choose copper mailboxes with non-toxic lacquer finishes. Lacquer coated copper mailboxes will forever remain shiny and looking like new and will not change color. However, most people opt for a copper mailbox because they specifically like the way it naturally patinas, so therefore they prefer that it is not coated with lacquer. Through the natural process of aging, copper acquires a patina, or a natural soft green coloration, much like the Statue of Liberty. This patina is a natural oxidation process of the copper and is not a sign that the copper is wearing or deteriorating. Patina copper mailboxes have great appeal to many homeowners.

Aside from smooth copper mailboxes, another popular option is a hammered copper mailbox. This style has a bit more depth and design to it, and provides a rich and interesting look to your mailbox choices. Hammered copper mailboxes can have a very contemporary look or can provide a look that more closely resembles antique copper mailboxes. So, no matter what type of style you are going for, you should be able to find a copper mailbox style to suit your needs. Hammered designs can be uniform, or you can find a custom copper mailbox that is truly unique and is a one of a kind piece.

A copper mailbox looks beautiful in front of most any home, regardless of whether it is a curbside copper mailbox or a wall mount mailbox, an antique copper mailbox or a hammered one. Small or large, these mailboxes are truly a great addition to your home and can suit almost any style. From a sleek contemporary mailbox made of copper to one that looks like it could tell stories from days of old, and from a casual beachside copper mailbox to one that graces a stately country home, there is one thing that all copper mailboxes have in common. They are an attractive way to welcome visitors to your home and they make a great first impression, showing that your home is one filled with class and charm.

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