A Garden Gazebo For Your Outdoor Decor

There is nothing like sitting outdoors enjoying the beauty of your garden and backyard space. By adding a garden gazebo to the space, you essentially create an exterior room in that garden space. Garden gazebos provide intimacy and protection from the weather, while adding beauty to your garden décor. Just as you would sit in an indoor sunroom or sitting room looking out, a garden gazebo offers a space directly in the outdoors that functions as if it’s a separate room that is lucky enough to be surrounded by your garden.

When it comes to choosing a gazebo for garden spaces, there are plenty of models to choose from. Depending on how large you are looking for your garden gazebo to be, what type of décor you are interesting in evoking, and what your budget is, you can find garden gazebos for sale to meet just about any need. Here are a few options to choose from:

Gazebo Materials:

Wooden garden gazebo – Of all garden gazebo designs, those made of wood blend in the most naturally with your lawn and garden décor due to the natural elements of the wood. Wooden garden gazebos can be constructed from wood throughout the whole structure, or they can have wood support posts with a canvas gazebo canopy top, or one made from another flexible material. Most wood garden gazebos are made from cedar.

Metal garden gazebo – There are a wide variety of metal garden gazebos to choose from and each adds an interesting decorative element all its own to your outdoor space. Among metal garden gazebos, you can choose from a cast iron or wrought iron garden gazebo, a steel garden gazebo, or an aluminum garden gazebo. Wrought iron or metal garden gazebos are stronger and more durable than aluminum models and are geared for more permanent use than aluminum ones.

Garden gazebo canopy – Whether you choose to go with a wood, metal, iron, or aluminum gazebo frame, you can select a garden gazebo canopy from among different materials, styles, colors and designs. Most garden gazebo canopies are made from canvas with a waterproof sealant on them or a heavy duty vinyl material. Depending on the type of garden gazebo you choose and the weather conditions where you live, you will sometimes find that the garden gazebo canopy needs to be replaced long before the actual structure of the gazebo is ready for the trash. This is especially common if you buy a cheap garden gazebo, although it can happen to any type of outdoor garden gazebo that is subjected to high winds, extreme weather conditions, or excessive use or abuse. To replace the canopy alone, you can try to contact the manufacturer directly or find a company that sells garden gazebo parts to see if they have a canopy that will fit the particular model that you own. In most cases, replacing the garden gazebo canopy is a fairly simple process.


10×10 garden gazebo – The most popular size for a garden gazebo is 10 feet by 10 feet square. Of course, if you don’t have much room in your backyard or garden, you can find some small garden gazebos to fit your smaller space and there are also some that are larger as well. Some of the larger, more decorative models of garden gazebos come in other shapes or have angled edges to add interest to the design.


There are some garden gazebos that offer a traditional feel to your outdoor space while others have a more modern, contemporary feel. There are garden gazebos that make you feel like you’re sitting in an outdoor “room”, while others feel more like a canopy tent. If insects are a problem in your area, you can even get a screened garden gazebo that includes netted sides that drop down to keep the bugs out. When you don’t need the protection of the bug or mosquito netting, you can tie the screened sides back along the gazebo posts to open up the area under the gazebo.

No matter what type of garden gazebo you choose, having an outdoor gazebo in your garden provides a place to get away and enjoy the beauty of your backyard or garden, while being protected from the sun, rain or wind. Garden gazebos are a great place to entertain company or to get away from it all with a good book, or even to take a nap. They are also the perfect location for your outdoor dining furniture so you can enjoy a meal out of the sun or without worrying about things falling off the trees into your food.

A garden gazebo is also the perfect place to add a few extra decorative outdoor elements, like a windchime that gently blows in the breeze or a string of solar lights to add a festive atmosphere when the sun goes down. No matter what size, style or design of garden gazebo you choose, placing an outdoor garden gazebo in your backyard adds an unmatched element of charm.

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