A Pine TV Stand For The Lake House

People are doing more to make their recreational homes a little more appealing today, and just piling in the leftovers or hand me downs from their main home is just not going to fly anymore. Usually a mountain cabin or lake house will have more of a country flair with its furniture and overall design theme, and pine furniture is a good place to start building your collection. As square footage is usually at a premium in weekend homes, and something like an entertainment center might be a bit overwhelming to the living room area. However, a pine TV stand will work perfectly in most cases.

Pine TV stands are more of a commodity retail item, and almost any furniture store will carry their own variation of this utility type piece of furnishing. You maybe thinking on the less expensive side and you would be wrong. Anything made from wood these days is going to be more expensive, since the United States lumber market has expanded to selling in China and other countries in recent years, and our so called wood-surplus is gone, and everything goes to the highest bidder. Be prepared to spend about a hundred and thirty to two hundred for decent stand that is made of solid pine.

A rustic pine TV stand will go well in a log cabin setting and will probably blend well with the related walls that sit behind the stand. Doing an online search for this specific product reveals many competitors with a similar product; so finding one will not be an issue as much as selecting the right one to put in your weekend hide-a-way. If you find a pine stand that doesn’t have that rustic look and feel but you like the styling, you can always distress the wood exterior, and give it the exact look you want to achieve.

Buying an unfinished pine TV will allow you to make the precise decor accent that you want and with little work. Today most furniture purchased in this condition is already sanded, and at most, will need a touch up before applying the several coats of wood stain and clear coat if needed. Another popular piece that is ready to use but falls in this category is the unfinished hand peeled mission style television stand. These very rustic looking pieces appear to be straight off the prairie. Customarily this will be available with matching furniture for a complete frontier look with sofa, chair, and coffee table made with the same material and finish.

A pine corner TV stand is going to be the best choice for those extra cozy cabins, or if you want to install a television in the bedroom or loft of your cabin on the shores. To save money you can buy a MDF style of stand that is laminated with a pine veneer, these will usually require assembly, and will take about an hour to have it ready to go once you get it home. These of course are going to be for a smaller TV, as the walls will dictate how large of a screen you have on a corner stand. Another great choice can be a pine TV cabinet, especially if you want to hide all those unsightly cords & cables

Repurposing a small pine nightstand with a new finish can save money, but will cut into your leisure time. Most people are throwing out less and making what they have last longer these days, and taking excess furniture inventory to utilize in other areas with a face lift is a very up and coming trend, that most are following right now. Also locating piece of used furniture at a garage sale or from an online classified can realize similar results.

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