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Who does not like flowers? Even the birds and creepy crawlies adore them. Flowers are beautiful gifts given by nature to us. It is not only an element of beauty but also play an important role in the growth of plants and trees. The main function of a flower is to make seed that in turn helps for reproduction.

Process of seed production

The procedure of making seed starts when the pollen grains of one flower go into another. The process cannot be completed without the help of birds and insects. Actually when these elements get attracted by the sweet nectar of the flower, the tiny pollen grains get stuck into their entire body. When they sit on any other flower, the pollen grains get spilled over it. The process of exchanging pollen grains helps to produce seed in the plant. You must be thinking what happens to those flowers that do not produce nectar. Well these flowers exchange their pollen grains with the help of wind.

Different flowers

Some people think that only the flowering plants as well as fruit plants produce flowers. However, this is not the case, there are several other plants like vegetables as well as grasses that produce flower. We are unable to see these flowers as some of these are tiny and some are not colourful.

Usage of flowers

Gift for environment: It is already mentioned that flowers play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of nature. Apart from plant reproduction, flowers provide food not only to the birds, animals and insects, but also to human beings. The honeybees collect nectar from the flowers and then convert them into honey. Man uses this honey for making several food products. The nectar of flower is also used in preparing several herbal products used for different purposes.

Effective source of Decoration: Apart from above mentioned uses, flowers are great source of decoration. Almost every important occasion of our life is incomplete without flowers. Be it a wedding ceremony or funeral, none of them can be done without the usage of flowers.

Capable in expressing emotions: Flowers are effectively used to express our emotions too. A single red rose is efficient enough to convey your message of love to other person. No words are required to get the job done. A white rose can be used to spread the message of peace and harmony. On the other hand a yellow can turn an enemy into your best friend.

Beneficial for business: Flower business is not at all a new concept. There are many people who have earned a fortune after becoming florist. The business imports several types of flower all over the world and sell them by keeping a decent profit margin. There is no specific season of using flowers that is the reason, flower business is evergreen. As a final word it could be said flowers are an important element of our life. Without the effective presence of flowers, many aspects of our life will become incomplete. Not only this, the entire environment will get adversely affected.

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