Above Ground Swimming Pools – Pros and Cons

There is nothing like having a pool to enjoy in your own backyard. Pools offer loads of fun and a great way to cool off on a hot day. If you are planning on installing a swimming pool in your backyard, then the first decision you need to make is whether you want to install an above ground swimming pool or an inground pool. There are pros and cons to choosing above ground swimming pools, as well as inground pools, so each should be considered prior to making any other decisions regarding your pool installation.

Here are some of the pros and cons related to installing above ground swimming pools. If you want more information about inground pools, you can view the article “Inground Pools – Are They Right For You?”


Price – Above ground swimming pools are a far more economical option than a pool that is installed in the ground. The price of an above ground swimming pool, however, can vary considerably based on such factors such as the size, materials, functionality and manufacturer so you will still have a wide price range to choose from. But no matter what type of above ground swimming pool you choose, you can be sure that it will far less expensive than any inground pool.

Space – While there are many sizes available when it comes to an above ground swimming pool, if you are short of space in your yard, any type of above ground pool will take up less space than an inground pool. If you’re really short on space, there are even inflatable above ground swimming pools that can just be blown up when you want to splash around and can be deflated and stored away when you’re not in a swimming mood. Small above ground swimming pools can also be set up more permanently or you can select a larger model if you have the space.

Flexibility – When you make a decision to install an inground pool, you will have the pool for as long as you live in your home, even when you tire of the maintenance or no longer want to use it. When you are no longer in need of above the ground swimming pools, they are easily disassembled and removed.

Maintenance – Swimming pools above ground require much less maintenance than those in the ground. They need to occasionally have the water topped off, will need to be skimmed if debris gets in them, and will require chlorine or other cleaning treatments if the water remains between uses, but they will not require the extensive maintenance that inground pools require.

Installation – Above ground swimming pool installation is a snap compared with inground versions. In some cases installation can take a few hours to a few days at most, compared to weeks of intensive construction for inground pools.


Aesthetics – Above ground swimming pools do not offer the beauty and ambience that their inground counterparts can. They are more noticeable, since they sit above the ground, and do not blend in to the backyard décor as easily. Above ground swimming pool decks can be installed, however, and by installing the decks around the pool, the space around the pool becomes more usable and attractive.

Size – Even the largest of above ground swimming pools can’t provide the swimming space that inground pools can.

Another factor is that the pools maintain the same depth throughout, so there is no very shallow end for young children or deeper end to allow for diving.

Permits – Be sure to check with your township or municipality because some locales do not allow above ground swimming pools to be installed in backyards, or if they do, they may have restrictions related to keeping the pool in your backyard.

As with any other major decision to be made, there are pros and cons to installing an above ground swimming pool in your backyard, but if you’re not ready or able to take the plunge to install a pool in the ground, then an above ground swimming pool may be the perfect solution. And, adding a few pool toys is sure to add to the enjoyment!

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