Acampe is a genus of epiphytic monopodial orchids in the family Orchidaceae, comprising about 7 species. It is distributed from tropical Africa to India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea. The genus is abbreviated as Acp in the horticultural trade. Acampe is derived from Greek word akampas (meaning rigid), in referring to the small, brittle and rigid flowers.

Acampe species are slow-growing orchids with medium sized vines, and thick, leathery, alternately-arranged leaves. They can formed very large vegetation in nature and are rarely cultivated.

The racemose inflorescence carry numerous fragrant yellow flowers that are striped with brown color. The sepals and petals are similar in size. The labellum or lip is ear-shaped, fringed and white in color, with a spur and red marking at its base. The column is fleshy and short and has two pollinia.

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