Add Color to Your Bed with Pink Flannel Sheets

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your bedroom, forgo plain white sheets. Instead, use pink flannel sheets to add a bit of color and light to the room. Though they are more popular in girl’s rooms, patterns that incorporate pink may be just as at home in a couple’s room or even a room occupied exclusively by a boy. More and more designers are incorporating pink into their sheeting patterns, which makes beds feel far more warm and inviting.

While many think of winter when they think of flannel, there are a number of flannel sheet options that are appropriate for summer use. These sheets are generally a bit thinner than their winter counterparts, and will help keep the bed feeling cool all night long.

Not only will they keep a bed feeling cool, cotton flannel is much better than synthetic materials at wicking sweat away from the skin. This will keep you feeling dry and refreshed in the morning, and may even allow you to leave the house before your morning shower, even during the hottest months of the summer.

Why pink?

If you will be using flannel sheets in the summer, it is best to find a color or pattern that is in step with the season. In terms of summer colors, few are more fitting than pink. From pink beach wear to pink polo shirts, pink has been the leading color of summer for years.

For a girl’s room, solid pink sheets are a great choice. From pastel to vibrant shades, there is a color of pink to match any decor. If you will be using solid pink sheets, make sure that the color is not too heavily featured in other aspects of the design, such as curtains or carpeting. Using too much of one color can actually leave a room looking small and cramped.

Salmon is a popular choice for those of either gender. It is present in the work of most American, preppy designers and often incorporated into a muted paisley or striped print. Salmon is a perfect counterpoint to colors that are more traditionally found in men’s wear, such as green and blue, and is a good way to inject some life into an otherwise dull color palette.

Pink flannel sheets are a good option for both a boy’s and a girl’s bed. They can liven up any room and will bring the light of summer indoors.

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