Adding An Outdoor Shower

There are benefits to be gained for anyone who is an avid gardener or who enjoys working in their backyard with the installation of a portable outdoor shower. While the idea of showering outdoors is not something that many people might find appealing, there are times when having access to somewhere that you can rinse off or cool down will be appreciated.

There are a number of different outdoor shower designs available that will give you a variety of showering experiences, from the bare bones shower spout connected to a garden hose and supported by a pole to a complete shower enclosure that will double as a changing room. The type of outdoor shower unit you choose will depend, of course, on your needs, your space allocation, and your budget. But, the point is that even if the outdoor shower isn’t used to clean off a person’s body, it can come in very handy for rinsing off tools and large implements that would be unwieldy under the garden tap.

Pet owners may find the addition of an outdoor shower stall a very useful feature for the garden because it makes it a lot easier to clean off muddy animals before they can get a chance to track the dirt indoors. An outdoor shower enclosure that is able to contain the dog is also helpful if you run into trouble trying to keep your pet still while attempting to rinse it off. The same holds true for small children that can’t stand still.

Where an outdoor shower can be particularly useful is for those backyards and gardens that also have a pool installed. Some people like to quickly rinse off the sweat and grime before diving into the water, and supplying a shower nearby is the ideal bathing prerequisite. A more elaborate outdoor shower enclosure would provide a place for guests to change into their bathing suits in private without having to find a spot inside the house. It will also provide a place to hang towels and personal items so they are out of the way and not at risk of getting wet. And by having an outdoor shower installed near the pool, it keeps the pool cleaner.

While most backyards will probably get by without having the need for an outdoor shower, the addition of one makes a lot of sense for many homeowners. By installing a shower outdoors, you can more easily keep the dirt outside where it belongs, instead of tracking it into the house. And most will agree that is a definite benefit!

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