Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are so versatile that when activated by an unseen operator with a remote control they almost look human in their movements. These movements resemble a person lying in a prone position, then pulling up his legs, bending the knees, raising the back and then again going back to a prone position. Adjustable beds are a boon for people with disabilities who have a problem in getting up or lying down in bed. Adjustable beds were normally found in hospitals but now they are being made for the home also. The original adjustable beds were manually operated with a key which operated a lever at the foot of the bed. Modern adjustable beds are fitted with motors which allows for the adjustment of a bed without any help from anyone else.

The biggest innovation in the new adjustable beds is the ability to increase or decrease the height of the bed. This is a great help for the care giver who does not have to use physical power to adjust the height of the bed. The versatility of adjustable beds depends on the multi-hinged technology in changing the surfaces of the bed. This makes for easy adjustments in case Trendelenburg or anti-Trendelenburg positions are required. These involve raising the feet to a level above the head or the opposite where the head should be raised to a higher level than the feet.

It is not necessary to have a serious medical condition to buy an adjustable bed. The simple reason for the purchase of adjustable beds can be a very simple but common ailment which is sleep deprivation. Various personal traits can result in a shortage of good sleep in one’s life. The reason can be a neck pain, snoring, difficulty in breathing in a prone position, acid reflux and various aches and pains. An adjustable bed can be a miraculous cure for all these sleep hindering problems. The main reason for having an adjustable bed is that our spine is S shaped and therefore straight beds are not a very good option for the elderly. A young person is so strong that it does not really matter whether the surface is flat, curved, hard or soft but for the elderly it is a different story.

It is obvious from the popularity of recliners that people prefer adjustable beds. People generally go to sleep comfortably in a recliner. Thus it is clear that the same principles if applied to a bed would do wonders in achieving sleep comfort. A popular version of adjustable beds is the double bed with individual adjustments for each side.

Every person has singular choices regarding how high the head section should be and how high the inclination of the upper thighs should be. All this is achieved by dividing the surface of the bed into individually adjustable sections which can range from three to four. Motors control all the functions and are operated by cordless remotes. An adjustable bed can be a necessity for some but it can be a luxury for others.

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