Advantages and disadvantages of buying roses online

The online shopping boom has brought a wind of change in every sector of business and has not spared even the flower industry. Today, a buyer can browse through the internet, find an online florist and order his favorite roses as per his budget and requirements. The flowers would be delivered at his doorsteps. However, like every other objects in this world, internet rose purchase has its shares of applauses as well as criticisms. Let us examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying roses on the internet.

The advantages

There are a number of reasons why online rose marts are becoming a preferred choice among the buyers as well as a lucrative business for the online flower vendors. The reasons include:

A wider variety of roses:

Your local florist general has a limited stock of roses and you may not even make a choice out of those limited number and color of roses. However online vendors have wide-ranging catalogues from where you can select the roses of your preference. Many online rose vendors also keep the rarest variety of roses.

Custom made roses:

The best part of online flower purchase is that they can add to the design based on what you require and also offer customized flowers exactly the way you want to which is not common among local florists.

Saves a lot of time:

Traveling to different local florists and looking for the right roses including the quality of flowers as well as negotiating the price is often a time-consuming task. Moreover, ensuring that they reach you on time is also quite some task. The process of online rose purchase is easier as it involves only a few clicks and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

A convenient process:

It is the most convenient way of buying roses. Whatever be the season of the year or whichever time of the day you need flowers for a special event, you do not have to worry about looking for them physically.

The disadvantages

A feeling of anxiety

One of the biggest shortcomings with online roses is that until the products reach you, there is a feeling of uncertainty. There are concerns on whether the roses would be delivered on time, whether the color, quality and arrangements are up to the mark and so on. These issues do not occur when dealing with the local florist.

Chances of getting conned

There are a number of fraud websites that claim to sell roses but take all your money and deceit you. Unless you do a thorough research, there are chances that you may get trapped.

Not an artistic concept

Even in the age of computers, many believe that Internet roses are mechanical. The joy of physically getting roses and using it for decoration is an arty concept.

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