Advantages of Mahogany Sideboards

One of the most beautiful types of wood used to make furniture is mahogany. A mahogany sideboard is a stunning addition to any room. Mahogany is a hardwood and is very durable, almost as durable as oak. The wood is a reddish in coloration, and is sometimes used as a centerpiece of the decor style in a room due to its unique color. Sideboards can be used in any part of the home, but their origins were as a dining room storage piece in Europe hundreds of years ago. The upper class socialized with others of their class, and they needed something to store things like plates, utensils, linens, etc. Of course, it had to be something stylish so they could show it off, and beautiful mahogany sideboards were the ideal solution.

mahogany sideboardThe craftsmanship put into mahogany sideboards in those early years was the very best available, and the result were sideboards that were not only functional and beautiful, but extremely strong and sturdy. This has resulted in many modern day families having an antique mahogany sideboard in their home. This kind of piece is quite a conversation starter. If you have ever come across one you know why as they are simply stunning and carry a lot of family history. The collecting and trading of mahogany antique sideboards has become something of a niche market. these pieces sell for a lot of money because the market for them is fairly high compared to the number available for sale. When something like this has been passed down through generations of a family, they do not part with it easily. The result of that is a high price.

You may have heard of some pieces of dining room furniture that are called buffets. This is just another name for a sideboard. A mahogany sideboard buffet is a longer way of saying mahogany sideboard, and sometimes a longer name is used as a reason to make something out to be more unique that it really is, and of course the result of that is a higher price. Don’t get me wrong, mahogany furniture, particularly an antique version, is not cheap and can truly be very expensive.

If you are in the market for a sideboard, there are many mass produced versions available today. The price of one of these will be much more reasonable than a hand made version. Remember though that you get what you pay for so one of the mass produced versions will not carry the same detail, and likely not the same strength and sturdiness of something made by hand from a true craftsman.

You can do all your sideboard research, and even purchasing right here online. The best deals are usually found online, and if using a company of any real size, you can likely negotiate free shipping if the unit is coming from outside your local area.

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