Advantages of Metal Carport Canopies

Consumers have turned to carports as a means to provide their vehicles with shelters that are affordable, easy to install, and most importantly highly portable. Some metal carports are more portable than others. Metal carport canopies are by far the most portable type of carport because they contain a lightweight top or a soft top. The canopy top is typically made of materials such as vinyl or canvas. Vinyl materials are usually more durable and many also come with UV protections which is important if you want to fully protect the finish on your vehicle.

The canopy top of a carport can easily be switched out if it happens to be damaged in a storm or old and in need of replacement. If you find that you need a new top for your carport, you should contact the company that sold you the shelter. If you cannot reach the company or if they no longer carry a similar model, try to find what you need with a different company before you set out to find second hand or used canopy top replacements. There is nothing wrong with buying a used top as long as it is in good condition or better condition than your existing top.

There are certain weather conditions that do not work well with soft top carports including areas that experience frequent and heavy rain and snow. Such conditions place a strain on the structure because they add weight as rain or snow accumulates on top of the canopy. The canopy can rip, tear, or completely collapse because of the strain. You may also want to reconsider buying metal carport canopies in areas of high winds because the soft material could tear or rip during periods of excessive wind speeds. In locations where rain, hail, snow, ice, and high winds are a frequent visitor, you should definitely purchase a shelter that is made from all aluminum, steel, or a combination of both sturdy materials. A steel or aluminum carport is usually made to withstand certain snow load and wind velocity. Many also come with a warranty should anything happen to your carport under such conditions.

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