Advice on Decorating a Studio Apartment Comfortably

If you live in a studio apartment, you might be struggling when it comes to decorating. There isn’t a lot of space and yet you do need some furniture. Even if you stick to small pieces, arrangement can be tricky. You want to maintain the open feeling while still providing privacy and having room for everything you need. This can be difficult but it’s not impossible if you take the following advice into consideration.

You will certainly need a place to sleep but a big king sized bed is definitely out of the question when you live in a studio. You also have to keep in mind the fact that people are going to see your bed when they come over. For this reason, a day bed is a good choice. A day bed can double as a sofa during the day with some decorative throw pillows and it’s easy to hop into it at night without having to unfold or move anything. A bed that folds from the wall can work too but this requires installation and a lot of wall space.

When buying furniture, always consider where it’s going to be placed as you make your decision. Chairs and coffee tables that sit low to the ground are great choices because they make the room feel bigger than it is. Any taller objects you might need like bookshelves should be placed along the walls so they don’t interrupt the flow of the rooms.

Curtain room dividers can be used to help break up the space when you need some privacy. For example, a curtain across the kitchen entrance can hide a messy sink when guests pop over unexpectedly. You can find curtains in all types of designs and colors to match the room. You can also choose rods that match the room. If you need to sleep while your roommate is working, you can put a curtain around your bed and draw it closed to make a quiet and private bed space. Thermal curtains can be used for this purpose if you also need to block out some light.

Maximizing every inch of available space without making the apartment feel crowded is the best way to decorate a studio apartment. With some good decor selection, you can end up with a place that looks like it was decorated by a professional interior designer for a lot less money.

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