Air Conditioners – an Asset in Your Homes

Before air conditioners become popular ceiling fans were mostly used to cool homes. In 1902 Willis Haviland Carrier in New York invented the first modern electrical air conditioning unit. Ancient Egyptians had air conditioning methods but was strictly for the rich and powerful. Air conditioners have a significant power effect on temperature of the room but in spite of this efficiency people still prefer ceiling fans for cooling down their rooms. Air conditioner is designed to dehumidify and extract heat from an area.

Ceiling fans can’t change the temperature of a room. A ductless air conditioner on the other hand changes the room temperature. When compared to air conditioners ceiling fan uses less energy and are much cheaper to have it on your home. With regard to noise air conditioners are much quieter . Ceiling fans can be used as decorations. Some ceiling fans have built-in features, while air conditioner don’t have that feature. Compared to air conditioners ceiling fans are more stylish and elegant to look at. Air conditioning units would be suitable to any room size and the most notable thing is that a ductless air conditioning unit can provide the cooling comfort far better than any of the ceiling fans.

The ductless air conditioning units can cause some health problems if you don’t maintain them properly. It promotes the growth of micro organisms, such as Legionella pneuomophila the infectious agent responsible for Legionnaires disease or thermophilic actinomycetes. Air conditioners lower temperature, lower humidity and filter out particulate matter( pollution and allergens). Air conditioning can have a positive effect on sufferers of allergies and asthma. In serious heat waves air conditioning can save lives of the elderly. The increasing use of air conditioning can be addictive because of its very nature of being very comfortable in the rooms using air conditioning units, perhaps this is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Besides these disadvantages an air conditioning unit can definitely be considered as an asset in your homes.

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