Air Coolers for Your Home

From office buildings to urban households, air coolers are perhaps the most practical option when it comes to beating the highs of the summer season. With modern technology, air coolers have become more compact and energy-efficient, cutting down your electric bills substantially.

Because of the enormously diverse interior designs and layouts in many homes and offices, there are, of course, a wide range of air coolers to choose from. Their sizes and prices differ markedly, and each of these air coolers serves specific purposes and functionalities.

Perhaps, the simplest of all air coolers in the market today are the evaporative air coolers. Without refrigerants, these evaporative air coolers rely on the cooling effects of water to reduce room temperature to more comfortable levels. They work by forcing air to pass through a filter with water that runs through it. The passing air is then cooled as it comes in contact with the filter, after which the cooler air is then forced out by the air cooler’s internal fan system to circulate around an enclosed space, say, a bedroom or a garage. These evaporative air coolers consume much less energy because of the absence of the compression-condensation system.

Evaporative air coolers may be far more economical to use than other types of air coolers, but if you wish to achieve much lower temperatures, then you can choose compression and absorption air coolers instead. These types of air coolers use refrigerants to cool room temperatures to much lower temperatures as compared to that of evaporative air coolers. The same refrigerants are also used in other types of coolers such as walk in coolers or central air conditioners.

Whether you prefer evaporative air coolers for practical reasons or compression-absorption air coolers to achieve a much cooler room temperature, it would always be a smart move to choose only those coming from manufacturers with the highest consumer ratings and feedbacks. After all, these air coolers should be worth your investment for many years.

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