All About Bar Sinks for Home

When people upgrade their homes, one of the more exciting things they might add is a home bar. This is a great way to add a new area to your home that will be a natural gathering place when you have friends or family over to visit. One of the decisions that must be made is which bar sink you will have added to the bar area.

This may sound like a simple decision, but there are a huge number of bar sinks on the market today and the sheer number of products available makes people get a little bit of paralysis in their decision making. From vessel bar sinks to undermount bar sinks, you will find sinks made in every style and from every material known to be used for other types of sinks are also used to make sinks for your home bar.

The most popular type of sink people use in their bar area is a stainless steel bar sink. Stainless has a classy, clean look to it that people love. If you are using granite or some other solid surface as your counter top, stainless is a great choice for the sink. This material also has anti bacterial qualities that make it a cleaner and healthier choice than something like porcelain. This simply means that bacteria cannot live as long on stainless steel as they can on some other materials.

If you want to think outside the box a bit, there are plenty of options that can be not only functional additions to your bar but will also be guaranteed conversation starters. I am talking about things like a copper bar sink, or perhaps a glass bar sink. If you have ever seen a copper sink, particularly if it is a vessel sink, then you know just how beautiful this kind of sink can be. Copper can be used in a sink in either a smooth or hammered finish. Copper is the most healthy of sink materials, with bacteria not being able to live on its surface for very long at all. It is considered many times healthier in this regard than even stainless steel.

Glass sinks are also beautiful, and give you a chance to add a splash of color to the bar area. Glass mosaic or solid color sinks are available, and just like some of the other choices will give your guests something to talk about when gathering at your bar.

As you go through all your options when selecting your bar sink, remember that this will be a sink that is in a high profile area. yes, it needs to be functional, but not nearly as functional as a kitchen sink. You will probably be washing mostly glasses in the bar sink, rather than dishes and pots and pans. this means you can have a little fun with the style of the sink, even if you give up a bit of function.

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