All About Mattresses for Your Home – Buying Guide, Types and Sizes

Mattress, bed, sofa in a roomAfter a hard day’s work, we would all want to rest our tired bodies on a cozy and comfortable mattress. Basically, a bedroom’s never complete if it doesn’t have bed in it, and whatever bed size you choose, there should be a corresponding mattress of the same size to give you the kind of comfort and deep night’s sleep that you very well deserve.  Beds and mattresses should be for the whole family’s use as there are also some time that our kids or other family members share a bit of quiet time plopped down on our beds.

Though we want the best quality mattress for our beds and bedrooms, you cannot discount the fact that sometimes, you are on a tight budget and you need to find something that boasts not only great quality but great price as well. We all know that having the best kind should not really mean that it is pricey or expensive.

The best way to find a mattress is to arm yourself with information and knowledge so that you know a good deal when you see it. In this article I will go through the different types of mattresses, their various sizes, price range and how to choose one. I will also give you a number of options for buying a cheap and quality mattress.

Where To Buy Really Cheap Yet Great Quality Mattresses?

Searching for mattresses can be quite difficult, and more than a few times, you can get frustrated with their expensive price. Certain types of mattresses are also cheaper than others – for example, foam mattresses. The larger the bed the more expensive it will be. So you might need to reevaluate what size and type of mattress you are going to buy. To find really cheap yet great quality mattresses, you must be ready to go out of your way and look for sources other than your local retailers and nearby mattress manufacturers.

Mattress Online Sales

Black Friday sales for mattressesAn effective and usually fruitful way of finding the mattress you want, in very affordable prices is to check out the internet. Some online stores offer great discounts or factory price offers for brand new quality mattresses. If you aren’t sure about the model or the kind of mattress you’d buy from the internet, you can go to your nearest local retailer, see the model you want. Maybe you can get the model number as well and then inquire on your preferred online store for the availability of that mattress model and if they are on sale.

Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Branded mattresses are usually very expensive though you can be assured of their high and durable quality. But did you know that you can obtain the same quality mattresses from manufacturers or wholesalers?

If you only spend a few more hours to shop around, you’d discover that some mattresses have the same quality material or same manufacturer with only a different name from the branded ones.

Probably the easiest way to get to know mattress manufacturers and wholesalers is to discover where hotels purchase their mattresses.  Once you learn about them, consider what type of mattress you are looking for so that you can simplify your search.

Hotel and Hospitality Sales

Did you know that some hotels renew their mattresses every three to five years? Those things could not have been too used or too worn out and you can of course check them out first before you buy. If you are comfortable with a used bed, and a bed from a luxurious hotel, it will only cost you around a couple of hundred dollars and you can get the mattress steam cleaned after you bought them. This is a great way to find a cheap double mattress or queen.

Bankruptcy Settlements and Furniture Liquidators

There are companies around that specialize in selling furniture from companies that have been liquidated or individuals who have become bankrupt. Usually, the seller of these goods wants a quick fire sale so they can pay for the creditor’s debts quickly.

Damaged or Returned Goods

Often retailers will receive goods that have some slight damage to them. This may have happened during shipment to the store or a minor default in the manufacturing. Of this is as small as a small tear in the fabric or a slight stain. If you ask nicely, the retailer will often give you a large discount on these items instead of paying for them to be shipped back to the manufacturer. You will often find a cheap foam mattress in this situation.

Other times, customers will often return items because they are unhappy with it or they have bought on credit and can’t make their repayments.

While there might not be anything physically wrong with the mattress the retailer can’t re-sell it as new because it has been used. They will often sell these mattresses below cost price in order to make some of their money back.


Not everyone wants to buy a second-hand mattress. The thought of someone else having slept on it is a major disincentive for some people. However, it is for this precise reason that makes these mattresses so cheap. If you do buy one second-hand make sure it has been thoroughly steamed cleaned by the previous owner before you receive it.

Note: If you live in an apartment block, one of the best ways to find a mattress is to look on the building’s notice board. Often, people need to move a short notice and must sell their mattresses quickly and cheaply.

Brick and Mortar Retailers

Think you can’t find a good deal at a major retailer? Think again. Often retailers will have yearly sales where they need to get rid of old stock at discounted prices. You can also often negotiate with sales people, especially if you can show them that their competitors are willing to sell the mattresses cheaper than them. One tip is not to shop on the weekend. As sale people make money on commission they are more willing to haggle when there are less eager customers around.

Other Types of Mattresses

If all else fails, you can start to investigate the cheaper types of sleeping furniture. This could include a cheap foam mattress, futon mattress or air bed. You could find a innerspring mattress as little as $200 and cheaper if you buy second-hand. As a general guide, most quality mattresses that are Queen and above in size will retail for between $700 and $1000. So if you are able to buy a mattress at a lower price than this then you are doing well.

Choosing a Mattress

King size mattressWhen looking for a mattress, the best way to choose one is to lie on it. A simple as it sounds you will never know whether a mattress is right for you unless you try it out. If you have a partner, he or she should also lie on the bed at the same time to see whether that affects the comfort and if they also like the mattress. This is important if you are buying something like a twin mattress and you are worried about whether it will fit a couple. Both of you should shift through several positions to give it a good workout.

Support and Comfort

A good mattress will support your body and spine. Your spine should be in the same position as if you were standing upright comfortably. This will ensure that you muscles aren’t taking the weight of your body leaving your sore and aching in the morning. The actual comfort level is a personal thing. Some people prefer harder mattresses, while other want something soft. If you and your partner differ in preference, you may need to negotiate with them to find the ideal compromise.


All mattresses will eventually wear out. The best age for a mattress is between 5 and 7 years old. Anything older than that and you will find that it will have begun to deteriorate. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a second hand mattress cheaply then you will need to keep this in mind. When examining the mattress, there are some things you should be on the look out for that could signal that the bed is faulty. The most common is sagging in the middle, creaking noises, edges that have softened and offer no support, lumps and rips in the upholstery.

Types of Mattress Sets

There are two main types of mattresses: the innerspring and foam.


The most popular type of mattress is the innerspring. They have a number of spring steel coils (hence the name “innerspring”) with a soft layer of foam, fibers or a combination of both on top the springs that provides comfort, cushioning and further support. A special type of innerspring mattress called a Pillow Top has an extra layer of cushioning on top.

An innerspring consists of three components:

  • The foundation or box spring is the supportive base of the mattress.
  • The support system is inside the mattress and is what consists of the innersprings.
  • On top of the support system is the comfort layers which is the upholstery consisting of foam, fibers and fabric.

Innersprings can be divided into four main types depending on the make of their coils:

  1. Open or Bonnel mattresses have inside them coils that are shaped like hourglasses and these coils are attached to spirals made from wire called helicals. While this type of mattress provides excellent support, they also tend to be not as durable other types.
  2. Offset coils differ from open ones by having a square head and this is designed to make them more durable.
  3. Marshall coils have the innersprings separately contained in a pocket of fabric. This ensures that each coil doesn’t transfer movement to those coils around it and makes the mattress more stable and resistant to movement.
  4. Continuous coil is the fourth and final type of innerspring mattress. It is also the most expensive. These mattresses have rows of coils made from a single section of wire and therefore offer more support than other types and are the most durable.

With modern day mattress the actual coil doesn’t matter as it once did. In days gone past, the more coils the more comfortable and supportive the mattress would be. But with the advancement in mattress technology manufactures can produce mattresses which are just as comfortable with a smaller amount of coils.


The other main type of mattress is constructed from foam. Instead of containing coils, this type of mattress has a supportive core which is made from foam. However, like innersprings they also consist of a foundation and support layer. They can be divided into three types:

  • Latex foam comes from the rubber tree and is a material which is hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant and breathable. This type of foam hugs your body to produce maximum support and comfort. A latex foam is usually a cheap foam mattress.
  • Visco-Elastic Memory Foam is a man-made space age material and is the most expensive. The foam moulds to the shape of your body in response to the heat that you produce. This makes them extremely comfortable and supportive but can also mean they are hotter than other types of mattresses. They are also heavier than latex foam. It is possible to find a cheap memory foam mattress if you do your research.
  • Finally, soy foam is made from soy and is biodegradable. This type of mattress is a great choice if you are wanting a natural and environmentally-friendly option.

Mattress Sizes

Queen size mattress on a bedChoosing the right mattress size comes down to a simple formula – buy the largest size that fits your bedroom, budget and the length of the tallest partner. In general, the bigger the mattress the more it will cost.

Twin or Single (39 wide by 75 inches long)

This size is designed for one person and is usually used by teenagers and children. Many people use them as daybeds or hideaways. A twin mattress is often easy to find.

Extra Long Twin (39 inches wide by 80 inches long)

The extra length means they can sleep a larger person and are a ideal for university dorms.

Full or Double (54 inches wide by 75 inches long)

The length of a full sized mattress is the same as a twin and this can be not long enough for many adults. While there is extra width than a twin, it doesn’t actually leave that much room when two adults sleep on them. They are a cheaper alternative to the larger kings or queens, and can fit into small rooms as a guest or spare bed. It is often easy to find a double mattress.

Queen (60 inches wide by 80 inches long)

This is the most popular type of mattress. The extra width and length makes them ideal for couples wanting a roomy and comfortable slumber.

King or Eastern King (76 inches wide by 80 inches long)

A king sized mattress is the equivalent of two twin beds. There is plenty of room and are great for tall adults. The larger size however, can mean they are difficult to move through the house or won’t fit on small bedrooms.

California or Western King (72 inches wide by 84 inches long)

This is the longest type of mattress that is available but is narrower than a normal king. They are ideal for tall adults who need the extra length.

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