All About Renting a Sod Cutter

With spring just around the corner, some would like to transform their backyard to a small vegetable or fruit garden. Creating that, one requires removing those existing sods in the desired location for the garden. A sod cutter will be needed and sod cutter rental are available in almost all home supply and landscaping center for your convenience. Here are some tips on how to rent a sod cutter;

First thing you should do before going to the center to rent sod cutter is to determine how much time you will need to accomplish your work. You have an option of renting it in a daily or hourly basis. Basically, you can save a lot of money by renting it in a daily basis. Have a couple of dates available for the schedule for in case the sod cutter is not available in your first planned date then it is very wise to have a back up date for the reservation.

Call the center near your home first before going there for not all home and landscaping center have sod cutter rental. You can also check it online for the list of the stores that have sod cutter rental.

Before confirming your reservation, make sure you know all the details in renting a sod cutter. Stores have their rules and regulations on how to charge the customers and you might be surprise when paying the bill comes. Compare their hourly and daily rates from other stores you have found online; ask if there is a minimum charge for the hourly rate like do you have to rent it minimum 5 hours when you will need it just for a couple of hours; is there a cancelation fee; any additional fees like returning it with half-filled tank; or will they ask for a delivery charge in case you need it delivered in your home.

Renting a sod cutter can make your life easier but make sure that your money is not wasted for those machines for the purpose of renting will be useless. If you are willing to spend a lot then better just buy yourself a brand new sod cutter.

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