Amaryllis flower

The amaryllis is one of the more popular flowers for gardeners because they produce big, bright beautiful flowers. They are also easy to grow and can bloom indoors without any problem. Since they are a tropical plant they bloom in the winter which allows for growing flowers all year round.

The amaryllis is normally grown indoors since it does like a tropical climate and blooms in winter, but it can be grown out doors if you live in a frost free area. Growing an amaryllis couldn’t be simpler, they can be purchased already potted so that all you have to do is add water. You can also buy them as bulbs that you plant yourself if you prefer. The bulbs do tend to be expensive compared to other flowers but with proper care an amaryllis will bloom each winter for years to come. Despite being large plants that grow quickly they don’t need a lot of space or soil to grow, making them ideal for indoor growing.

Like all plants the amaryllis likes sunlight, but as a tropical plant they need more than most. The amaryllis will grow best if it is placed in a location where it can get lots of light. The plants grow very quickly and therefore need to be watered regularly, but not too much. They like the soil to be moist but not wet. The flowers will take up to six weeks to bloom. The amaryllis will usually go dormant on it’s own and then bloom again the next winter, this process can be helped by cutting off the flower after blooming ceases.

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