An Outdoor Chandelier For Gazebos


If you have ever visited a home with a hanging light over a patio area or even in a gazebo, you probably saw an outdoor chandelier. Included in the outdoor chandelier category are pennants hanging lights, outdoor candle chandeliers, solar chandeliers, multi light units, and also outdoor chandeliers with shades.

Today, let’s look at the gazebos. There are a few different styles of gazebos. Gazebos can be lovely wooden ones that sit on the side of a yard. Or they can be multi sided shelters with lattice sides. Another style is log gazebos. Typically found with log homes, these gazebos are made from the same logs as the house and expand the log home feel from just the home to other areas of the property. And the last type of gazebo that comes to mind is the more temporary canvas portable style.
The well known Madaga Company does an admirable job of offering not only an outdoor patio home gazebo, but also in offering an outdoor chandelier to match. The outdoor chandelier for gazebos is suspended from the metal framework of the patio gazebo. It has a long heavy duty cord with an on/ off switch built into it for easy operation.

Whenever selecting an outdoor chandelier for gazebos, not just any light will do. An outdoor chandelier should come with UL rating for outdoor use. The wiring is also sealed and a heavy duty exterior wiring and cords are essential to safe outdoor operation. If installing a chandelier for an existing home or gazebo, choosing one with an on/off switch on the cord can save time in installation. Instead of hardwiring the on off switch to a light switch mounted on the wall, the on/off switch solves this problem.

An outdoor chandelier can be found for almost every occasion, style, and décor of a home’s exterior. Matching and coordinating your home to reflect your style is essential to reaping the most benefit from not only the function of an outdoor chandelier, but also from the beauty of it.

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