An Outdoor Rug Creates Extra Living Space

In almost every home, space is at a premium and there simply never seems to be a enough room. In that effort to find more living space, an outdoor rug can open up a world of opportunities, giving every family more room to relax, play, or entertain. Nothing makes a space, even an outdoor space, feel more luxurious and cozy than a rug. Whether the space is an enclosed porch, an open patio, a balcony, or even a play area, outdoor carpeting and rugs can make magic happen.

Today, every high quality outdoor rug is made to withstand the elements, including rain, sun, dirt, and snow. These rugs are treated to be mold resistant, bug resistant, and long lasting. Even in the harshest of environments, an outdoor rug can provide years of comfort, beauty and definition to any space, including outdoor dining areas, barbeque pits, and more.

One unique application for an outdoor rug that few parents think of is a child’s play area. These rugs can be placed right over grass or soil, providing a smooth, clean, pest resistant surface for babies, toddlers, and older children to play on. Much less expensive than rubber playground mulch or synthetic turf, an outdoor rug makes an excellent playground foundation. Add a playhouse, plastic slide, basketball net, or other small toys, and your little one is comfortably entertained for hours.

These outdoor rugs also work great on patios or around swimming pools, particularly those which receive a lot of sun. The carpet helps keep the ground cooler, preventing bare feet from being scorched on hot tile or pavement. Such flooring is easy to clean – an occasional spray with a hose and some household bleach keeps them mildew free. Even in the heat of the sun, outdoor carpeting and rugs can provide an attractive, comfortable floor covering for years. When used in covered areas, such as a lanai or sun porch, they can last even longer.

Outdoor rugs can be a very versatile addition to the exterior of your home. They can be used in places where you might typically think of using a rug, such as under a patio furniture set or outdoor dining furniture, but they can also be used in more unique places, such as on the ground as a clean and safe place for a baby or young child to play, around a pool to keep tootsies from getting too toasty when they come out of the pool, and in many other places that you might not traditionally think of putting a rug. No matter where you choose to put your outdoor rug or carpet, you can add interest or create increased functionality in the space.

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