An Overview of 26” Televisions

Television sets have been part of every household, office and business establishments in the world. People use it to be entertained, to know the latest news and the latest in fashion. Dominating the television industry for the longest time were the CRT televisions. However, because these were bulky and heavy, inventors searched for ways to make television lighter, slimmer and giving out impressive image and sound qualities.

Hence, the flat panel televisions were developed. Available today are three major types of flat screen television sets. These are the Plasma, LED and LCD TVs, which are the most famous among the three. These also come in various sizes. Some can be smaller than 10 inches, some are as large as 200 inches. However, the common sets are those that are used in the household. The most common are the 21″ televisions and those 26” televisions which are a little larger. If you love to have the best image quality, you can go for Plasma TVs. But you must know that these consume a lot of energy in comparison with LCD and LED types. Additionally, these are also very much expensive in comparison with LCD TVs.

One of the newer types of televisions is the LED TVs, which are also now available in 26″ sizes. The screens used are made with LCD but the back lights used employed LED Back lighting technology. LED TVs offer the user lower consumption of energy, reduced size of depth as well as better black levels. Compared to LCD TVs, these are also more expensive. 3D TVs are the latest types of 26″ televisions. Manufactured by the three giant appliance companies (Samsung, Panasonic and Sony), these became very much popular. These are really amazing. However, one needs to have 3D glasses to fully enjoy that 3D sensation.

26″ televisions are now very much popularly used at home or in any establishment. Yet, if you prefer slightly smaller ones, you can get the best 22 in LCD TV as well.

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