Apartment Living: Managing the Interior Environment with Blinds and Awnings

Living in an apartment, particularly a high rise, can include a few problems, not least of which are light and heat at various times of the day. This used to be a tough problem, but not any more. The new range of external blinds, awnings Blinds and Awnings and screens has finally put an end to that situation. If you’ve got a balcony, you can now get the best protection and not have to deal with the endless different climate situations you get on apartment balconies.

The screens story

In the past, you had a choice when living in an apartment- Deal with it or just live with it. People had to just put up with the “apartment Greenhouse effect”, and it could cook one side of a building in summer with ease. Unless you really liked paying huge air conditioner bills, you were lumbered with living in a sauna for months.

The fact was that the old ideas about screens and blinds were wide of the mark in many ways. The best the old blinds and screens could do was block light and hope for the best. That was an own goal in apartments, because they didn’t really block heat at all. They did worse. They could also hold in heat, like blankets. The fact is that you have to block the heat as well, and that was something the old blinds just couldn’t do.

The other problem may have been simpler, but it was a tough one. Any sort of external blind was subject to the sort of thermal winds and high-rise hurricane winds. Those things were a guarantee of a battering for awnings. Canvas is a famously tough material, but it just can’t handle that sort of pounding forever. Add to this the effect of heat, rain, hail and just plain old wear and tear, and they didn’t have a chance.

The new story

Now, things like a retractable awning can solve the problems in seconds. These are remote or manual controlled awnings, and in summer they’re worth their weight in gold at least, if you like comfort. The new screens, blinds and awnings are a very different proposition. They’re extremely tough, and they block heat. The new fabrics are designed to take whatever the Australian climate can dish out, and that’s plenty, over the years.

It’s literally taken 200 years to come up with something that can actually handle Australia’s fierce moods, and for apartment living, it hasn’t come a minute too soon. The beauty of this approach is that it’s customizable, too. It doesn’t matter whether if you’re living in a brand new upmarket just-off-the-blueprint penthouse or an old 70s BV place- You can manage the weather, light and heat with a flick of a switch.

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