Are Coat Trees Still Used?

In most houses today, you see closets right inside the front door where the family stores their coats, shoes and umbrella’s. Very rarely do you actually see a coat tree in use, unless you go to a doctors or dentist’s office. Or maybe your grandma or great-grandma still has one in their doorway.

A coat tree is also another name for coat rack. As with any other product on the market, there are many to choose from as far as style and colors go. They are moderately priced, not overly priced but not cheap either. If you choose to have one in your entry way instead of a closet, great! There is nothing wrong with that at all. Some people would prefer not to mess with hangers and having to open and close closet doors. If you have a larger family, I think a closet would work out the best for you though.

You can find coat trees that hang on the wall, that are made of metal or wood, and ones that have an umbrella basket on the bottom. They can hold your hats, scarves, coats and jackets. They are classic and simple yet still stylish. You will also not have the added worry of coats and jackets lying all over the floor.

If you decide to choose a metal coat rack, to ensure durability make sure that it has a protective coating over it. If you wish to have something a little more casual, choose a wrought iron coat tree; some of them have beautiful scroll work designs. With the wooden style you want to make sure it is made of grade A+ wood so that it will be durable and long lasting. If you choose to put a coat tree in a child’s room, to help them stay more organized, make sure that non-toxic paint is used to ensure their safety.

The biggest decision you will have to make is whether you want a free standing, a rolling, a wall hanging one or a hall tree; which is a coat rack with a build in bench to sit on, making it easier to take off your shoes when you come in from work or play. Hall trees can also come with a mirror; it adds elegance and gives you one last chance to check yourself before you leave. A hall tree is more for larger entry ways as they will be the focal point when you have guests.

No matter what style, what material, or what color you are sure to find the right coat rack for your entry way. You will find something that will keep you organized, yet add appeal and charm to your entry way.

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