Are Gazebos Like Tents?

Some people often get confused with what a gazebo is compared to a tent. That is because there are so many different types of gazebos and tents out on the market, and although some are distinctly different, there are many that can be either one or the other. The truth is that there is a line of portable structures known specifically as gazebo tents that are basically a combination of the two, so they can really be called either gazebos or tents.

This type of structure basically has the look of a typical gazebo, with four side rails that are often somewhat decorative in nature and an attractive covering overhead. The difference is that unlike a traditional gazebo, which typically has the entire structure made from wood, a gazebo tent usually has aluminum or metal side rails with a covering made from canvas or weatherproof fabric. The materials are what make it look more like a tent, since it is made very often with similar materials to that used for traditional tents. Some even have mesh sides to block out insects from bothering the occupants inside.

You can get these types of gazebos as large structures that typically remain in your yard more permanently, or you can opt for smaller and more portable models that you put up and take down when needed. These models are usually not as decorative looking and resemble regular tents more than gazebos, except that they do not have four fully enclosed sides but rather are either open on all four sides or have screened sides that keep bugs out but let air in.

Prices for these different options will vary considerably and you will find that there are plenty of expensive, as well as cheap tents and gazebos, available for sale, depending on what styles and features you are looking for.

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