Art Deco Sideboard

Art Deco is a term used to describe a blended style that began the larger portion of it’s popularity in the 1920’s through the 1940’s. This mixture of Cubism, Art Nuevo, Constructivism, Modernism and Futurism had a popularity rebirth in the 80’s when the graphics art craze began.

Art Deco furniture, such as the Art Deco sideboard or Art Deco buffet were created from materials like fine Ebony wood, Brazilian jacaranda, mahogany and ambyna veneers as well as maple and burle wood. Stainless steel, high gloss lacquer and aluminum were also utilized and the pieces often feature sweeping curves. One highly recognizable symbol of Art Deco style is the sunburst motif and of course, wood inlay. Also, while not a popular choice today due to animal harm, during the Art Deco period, exotic materials such as ivory, tortoiseshell, snakeskin and shagreen (dog fish skin) were very popular and can be found on many Art Deco pieces.

The Art Deco style of architecture like the Empire State Building, interior and exterior décor such as the Art Deco sideboard, and artwork – especially Pop Art, are normally characterized by their geometric shapes, ornamentation and eclectic attributes. Many Art Deco aficionados choose to furnish their homes by blending pieces from the Art Deco movement with current and modern furnishings of today. This eclectic blending is a true representation of the heart of Art Deco.

Furniture Art Deco originally emerged between the two world wars and made it’s first appearance in Paris. The glamorous, indulgent style was soon imitated around the globe. Enthusiasts of today choose décor that shares the simplistic yet intricate traits of the era when furnishing their homes. Early decadent pieces such as the Art Deco sideboard often feature dramatic, vibrant contrasts of glass, black accents, sunburst inlays, organic curves and chevrons or zig-zags. Later Art Deco sideboards are normally synonymous with the “Hollywood Hey Days” of the 1930’s. Furniture Deco pieces tend to feature a more elegant and less gaudy design style and are considered the more “modern” movement of Art Deco.

Finding true Art Deco sideboards and Art Deco buffets takes time, effort and quite often, a healthy budget. Depending on their condition and detail, authentic Art Deco sideboards and buffets can range from the low to the tens of thousands of dollars. While they may at times be quite costly, the Art Deco sideboard will surely be a treasured family heirloom as well as a fabulously functional conversation piece in any home.

For the best selection in Art Deco sideboards, start your search online where a plethora of antique dealers, individual Art Deco furniture owners and consignment retailers can be found.

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