Art Deco Sideboard

Art Deco is a term used to describe a blended style that began the larger portion of it’s popularity in the 1920’s through the 1940’s. This mixture of Cubism, Art Nuevo, Constructivism, Modernism and Futurism had a popularity rebirth in the 80’s when the graphics art craze began. Art Deco furniture, such as the Art Deco sideboard or… Read More »

How a Radiant Heater Works

There are two common type of heaters, radiant heaters and blow or force heaters. Radiant heat is heat that is released into the air from hot surfaces such as a hot panel on a gas heater, or an open fire, or an oil filled heater. This type of heat doesn’t warm the air, but rather it warms objects… Read More »

Is It Difficult to Be More Eco-friendly?

We are all aware of the need to reduce, recycle and reuse, however how many of us are actually doing this.Time is definitely not on our side, the time to get greener is now!Please don’t think it needs to be hard or depressing, just making a few small changes to your lifestyle can make a huge difference. How… Read More »