Bamboo Curtains For The Shy

Bamboo curtains are a fun form of beaded door curtain you can use to decorate a door way or four foot section of wall. These colorful bamboo beaded curtains can bring a youthful touch to a staid room, and if hung in the door, can be taken down fairly quickly in case family members come to stay and you are shy about having curtain bamboo on display. Or you can hang it in a bathroom visitors never use, even as an additional layer over a solid color shower curtain to make your own bamboo shower curtain.

Beaded bamboo curtains come in many designs. Unlike plastic beaded door curtains where each string is independent, the design on bamboo is part of a larger design, which is quite often a scene like dolphins jumping in the surf. There is a bamboo curtain with an underwater reef scene, and beach scenes. If someone asks, you can tell them you bought the door bead curtain on vacation and keep it up to remind you of a great vacation. If the questioner doesn’t know you too well, you can use this excuse even if you have never been to the tropics.

Door beaded curtains can be used to cover windows instead of regular curtains. Windows overlooking your own back yard are good candidates, and you can have some fun with your decor. Beaded curtains can be hung against the wall to provide relief from a broad expanse of plain wall like occurs in basements. If the wall is long enough, you can probably hang more than one bead door curtain on it.

Finally, your household pets will find the beaded curtain door a great place to play. Just make sure you notice if the bamboo beads are coming off the wires and get them away from your pets before any damage (to the pets) is done.

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