Bamboo sheets: the green fabric

Bamboo sheets are the perfect discovery in the search for a green fabric. Bamboo is fast growing and renewable. It does not require any fertilisers or chemical processes to make it grow. In fact the manufacture of bamboo sheets uses material which otherwise would just go to waste and rot away. Today people prefer bamboo sheets to cotton, satin or flannel sheets. Bamboo sheets are as soft as any other sheet available in the market. Bamboo textiles are naturally anti-microbial. The fabric gets softer and softer with every wash. The fabric does not shrink and can be washed in cold water and dried at the setting of delicate dry.

The fabric in bamboo sheets has a natural tendency to disperse heat. Bamboo sheets are anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti fungal. Fabric made from bamboo absorbs moisture and stays cool in summers. The fabric which goes into the making of bamboo sheets has seventy percent of bamboo and thirty percent of cotton to strengthen the cloth.

Some people in this world have decided to go organic in order to save the world from ecologically harmful chemicals and procedures. Bamboo sheets are a great answer for people going down the organic road. Bamboo sheets are available usually in light colours because dark coloured dyes again use up a lot of toxic dyes and thus defeat the purpose of an organic fabric. Fibre reactive dyes are used in very small quantities to further reduce contaminants.

Bamboo is an auto sustainable raw material unlike cotton. Cotton plants have to be planted and grown after each crop. The bamboo crop keeps growing by itself. It is self sustaining and it grows at a much faster speed than cotton. A bamboo tree grows as much as a foot a day. Bamboo sheets have a natural anti odour quality.

The modern bamboo fabric production is a process of recent patent. The process involves the taking out of bamboo leaves and the inner pith from the tall bamboo shoots by steaming them and then mashing them into a paste. One chemical process is used to extract cellulose. This process is claimed to be harmless. The cellulose is further sieved through sulphuric acid and it hardens into viscose fibre threads. These threads are spun into yarn.

The main reason for using fabrics and bamboo sheets is the abundance of the raw material. Bamboo grows on forty million hectares all over the world. It self propagates in a speedy manner. It is basically a grass and just as in lawns the bamboo grass grows more vigorously after being cut. Bamboo is a very high yield product growing three times more in weight in an area used by other trees. Bamboo is also used for food, shelter and the making of furniture.

Such a versatile material is hard to find elsewhere. Bamboo also uses water more efficiently than other trees. Thus it makes sense to use fabric made of bamboo. Bamboo sheets are a great product of such an eco friendly tree. Using bamboo sheets instead of cotton sheets saves tons of harmful fertiliser which has to be poured into the ground in order to grow cotton plants.

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