Bathroom Design Ideas for Kids

Kids will spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially when they are potty training. It is a good idea to make it fun for them. Decorating the kids bathroom can be a fun project that can involve your children and make a fun day!

First is pick out a theme. There are plenty of children’s cartoon characters out there to use in your chosen theme. Boys might pick out a superhero, dinosaur, or fish theme. Girls might want Barbie or a favorite Disney character. Let your child pick their favorite and it is time to begin redecorating.

Painting techniques could be painting a favorite character on the wall, painting designs, or just simply starting over with a color that blends with the new design. If you’re a daring parent, let the toddler help with the painting! When the paint is dry, add some wall posters that peel and stick. They look great and are easily taken off when the theme wears out!

Bath vanities can be decorated with clings, as well as the shower doors. They come in cute patterns or in a matching theme. Grab a bathmat with the favorite character to complete the shower area. Toilet seats now have decorations on them, or come in different colors. Pick one that matches and replace the existing seat.

Bathroom accessories will complete the entire room. Toothbrush holders come in a variety of shapes, characters, and colors. Tumblers match the holders. Grab a soap dish in a shape of the character, and a lotion dispenser in matching colors. Hang a shower curtain in a coordinating color or covered with the character or chosen design. Don’t forget the matching wastebasket! There are plenty of wastebaskets that coordinate with all the other decorations.

Throw in some themed bath towels and a matching floor mat. Add some hand towels, and the new bathroom is almost complete.

To finish up add some framed pictures, and your child will have a new bathroom they both love and helped to complete. It will be a family project that was well worth the time and effort.

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