Bathroom Floor Tile Options

Part of your bathroom rehab project will include taking a look at flooring options and deciding on how to add style and function to your new bathroom. Of course, those things are true with every part of the room, but considering function when it comes to flooring is sometimes harder than with things like sinks and cabinets.

Of course you can find bathroom flooring that is beautiful and stylish, but functional? What does that even mean? Well, think about it. You get up in the morning and you visit the bathroom. If the floor is too cold, you notice. If the floor is too slippery, you notice that too. Those are real ways that functionality comes into the picture when talking about bathroom flooring.

Probably the most popular choice for bathroom flooring is bathroom floor tile. Tile comes in a huge range of colors, sizes, and styles. You can spend months looking at different tiles. For that reason it is important that you at least have a starting point in mind when i comes to the style of the bathroom floor tile.

Remember that tile is physically cold to touch, and that can sometimes be a bad thing when ti comes to the bathroom floor. One way to warm up the tile, albeit mentally warming it up, is to choose warmer colors to create an illusion. if you have a bathroom that is brightly lit and painted with bright colors, light colored tile on the floor might feel cold, even if they are not cold to the touch. Make sense? A good way to accomplish this warming is to use a pattern of different tiles. For example, combining white and black can make a pattern like a checkerboard. Many people would not like that pattern, but the idea is to use different tiles to get the look and feel you want.

Bathroom floor tile comes in a variety of materials. Ceramic and porcelain are the most common choices because they are extremely durable and resistant to water. A less expensive option is to go with vinyl bathroom floor tile. This is easy to install and the right choice in vinyl can still look very upscale and stylish.

No matter which bathroom floor tile you choose, be sure to handle the installation properly. The bathroom floor must handle water on a regular basis. Installing the tile properly and having the floor grouted the right way are extremely important. If this is handled wrong, the bathroom floor will not last very long. Worse, the underlying floor can be badly damaged if water is allowed to get to it.

When it’s time to remodel the bathroom, homeowners should pay a considerable amount of attention to their bathroom floor tile decisions. Since they can make or break the look and safety of the space, hastily choosing bathroom floor tiles can often lead to regret and extra costs in both labor and materials.

The most popular, budget friendly choice for bathroom flooring tiles is ceramic.

Ceramic bathroom floor tile has been used in homes for hundreds of years and is still a favorite for both versatility and durability.

There are different types of tiles such as glazed ceramic, which is recommended for use on bathroom walls and countertops rather than bathroom floors.

The reason for this is their slippery when wet factor. Using glazed ceramic as your bathroom floor tiles can become a dangerous situation. The tiles are created from clay and water, but once fired and hardened, it’s given a glaze of color which is what causes it to become a very slippery surface. Adding glazed ceramic to the walls and countertops of your bathroom will bring texture and movement to space.

Porcelain bathroom flooring tiles are also made from clay but are blended with other minerals which create a stain resisting, moisture repelling tile. Porcelain tiles are durable and can stay beautiful and colorful for many years to come. Like glazed ceramic tile, porcelain bathroom floor tile is available in an endless amount of colors, patterns and designs. A great way to add interest to your bathroom space is to experiment with various patterns of tile as well as decorative tiles such as floral and geometric prints.

Aside from the above, more bathroom floor tiling choices also include terracotta, Mexican, granite, sandstone and slate. These materials are great for bathroom spaces and have slip resistant surfaces as well. Terracotta tiles as well as Mexican hand painted tiles lend themselves well to a Mediterranean style bathroom while the others are excellent for more contemporary bathroom floor tile options.

Before making your choice, order a few different samples and lay them on the floor and look at them. Consider various shapes and sizes. Play with your tile options and let your imagination take over. Remember that this is your bathroom sanctuary and the bathroom floor tile that you choose will be with you for a long time.

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