Bathroom Sink And Linen Cabinets

Bathroom Sink Cabinets

There are many bathroom sink cabinets on the market, in hundreds of different shapes and styles. In order to determine which is the best bathroom sink cabinet for you, you have to go into the process with a good plan or you could find yourself wasting time, going over your budget, or worst of all getting a cabinet that is not right for you and your family.

One primary function of the sink cabinet is to supply storage under the sink. Take a look at who uses the bathroom and what their storage needs are. Some people will have a need for a lot of large open spaces, while others would want their storage broken up into drawers or shelves. If you find you don’t have a need for any under sink storage, that could allow you to choose a sink cabinet that will allow space to be opened up for other uses.

Some bathrooms are laid out in such a way as to accommodate a corner bathroom sink cabinet. Many people do not even consider this option because they have not seen one before. But if your bathroom can handle a corner cabinet, you can really free up a lot of space elsewhere. For example, the stretch of straight wall that would normally have the sink positioned in front of it now is open for anything from a large wall cabinet to some kind of shelving unit that can handle towels, robes, etc.

If this is a master bathroom you might need a double sink bathroom cabinet. Most master bathrooms nowadays have twin sinks, so obviously you would need a vanity that can accommodate them. This will mean you have even more under sink storage in your bathroom because the sink cabinet is much wider.

Some people have little need for under sink storage, so they go with wall mounted sinks. As their description suggests, these sinks mount on the wall, so there is no need for a bathroom sink cabinet. Again, if you don’t have a need for the cabinet you have an opportunity to free up a lot of space. Any space you can free up in the bathroom is valuable space that can be used for something else. After all, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house yet gets as much traffic as any other room.

When choosing your bathroom sink cabinets, develop a plan for function, style, and budget, and stick to it. If you do that you will be on your way to the bathroom of your dreams!

Bathroom Linen Cabinets

If you are looking for a good way to keep your bathroom from looking cluttered in addition to adding another item that can reflect your style theme for the room, consider bathroom linen cabinets. This is a great way to add something functional to a small room and also have that item be something that will fit whatever style you want it to.

Linen cabinets are usually very sleek and simple in their appearance and design. If you are adding one to an already established bathroom, the cabinet should of course fit in with or accent the overall style of the room. If you are going through a bathroom rehab, or starting a bathroom from scratch, you can actually make your bathroom linen cabinets the center piece of your bathroom style theme.

When choosing the location of the cabinets, consider the whole room, not just the common or obvious locations. Many people forget that the corners are ideal places for cabinets because they are often wasted space. Any space that is wasted in a small room like the bathroom is magnified because most people are always seeking to find ways to have more storage space.

No matter which location you choose for the cabinets, there are many style options to consider. You can get cabinets with solid wood doors, or glass doors, or even mirrored doors. Mirrors are obviously functional, but they also tend to make the room look bigger than it really is, which is a good feature in the bathroom.

Don’t forget to include wall mounted bathroom linen closets when you are doing your research. This is another way to take advantage of all the available space in the room. You can have your storage space higher on the wall while still utilizing the floor for other concerns.

Another popular style choice is the modern bathroom. And of course, there are modern bathroom linen cabinets available. The modern bathroom concept is one with clean, classy lines, and of course these are features you would look for if you are adding cabinets to a modern bathroom.

As I said, there are many different styles of cabinets to choose from. Keep both function and style in mind when making your choices and you will be on the right track. Remember that you can do all of your research online, and even make the purchase online when the time comes. this saves a lot of time that used to be spent driving from store to store looking for options. All the options you need can be found right from your computer.

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