Bathroom Sink Varieties

There are five main types of sinks for bathrooms. Some are more appropriate for small bathrooms or powder rooms while others are only suitable for large master bathrooms. Some are better for more traditional décor and others are appropriate for modern furnishings. No matter the size or style of your bathroom, there is a bathroom sink for you.

The best styles for small bathroom sinks are pedestal sinks and console sinks. Pedestal sinks are called that because the basin sits on a single pedestal. The leg goes directly into the basin. They are one piece, not a basin sitting on top of a leg in two pieces. They are a good choice for a powder room because they do not take up very much floor space and they keep things open which helps make the room seem larger. Console sinks are a table with two legs in the front and the back attached to the wall. The table has a sink in the center and the space underneath is open just like a pedestal sink. The open space makes the bathroom feel larger than it is. Console sinks are a little less formal than pedestal sinks in general.

Larger bathrooms can accommodate two other varieties of bathroom sinks that are very popular, the vessel sink and the vanity sink. The vanity sink is a under mounted or drop in sink in a cabinet of some sort. You cannot see the bottom of the sink like you can with a console sink or a pedestal sink. Instead, there is a cabinet that hides that part of the vessel. This sink is good for larger bathroom because it gives you more storage space. Vessel sinks also usually come with a cabinet of some kind, but not to hide the bottom of the sink. Instead, the whole vessel sits on top of the counter. The vessel is usually a bowl shape, but square or other unusual shapes are also used.

There is a fifth kind of sink that is not very popular in the home. You find wall mounted sinks more in commercial bathrooms because they save space and you can fit many into a single bathroom. Wall mounted sinks are just what they sound like because they are mounted to the wall with no legs or cabinet to support them.

If you are picking a sink for a master bathroom with lots of space, then you can install a double sink. Double sinks are most often vanity sinks, but vessel sinks and console sinks are also used. A double console sink is a good choice for a more informal space.

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