Bedroom Design Ideas

Possibly one of the most important considerations when purchasing a comforter is design. Specifically, bedroom design and the flow of the room can be greatly enhanced or diminished depending on the bed covers. Color, solid, print and type all configure into the overall design and aesthetics of the room. Many people may think that the sheets are not that important because in all honesty, they are mostly covered by a comforter or duvet and pillows. Of course this all depends on the way you make your bed as well, some preferring to have the sheets and comforter pulled down to reveal the sheets underneath and others may prefer to bring the covers up over the pillows with only the comforter showing. Either way, the sheets and comforter are both important.

Consider your overall theme before choosing your linen set. Is your bedroom set in the traditional style? If so you may want to choose smaller printed cover, possibly in a floral or paisley design. Another design choice, that might shock you at first, would be a bold stripe design in more traditional colors. You do not have to stick to flowers or ivory to be traditional. In fact a new twist on traditional could be quite exciting.

Now what if the style of your bedroom leans towards the romantic. Normally this would mean dark rich colors, usually read and black. You might want to consider a twist on the traditional romantic and use a deep purple and silvers or grays. You can still keep the romantic feel with a new take on romance. Solid sheets would work really nice in this setting, but maybe also consider a printed sheet in your color choices with a solid duvet or comforter.

Large prints are great for a tropical design. Think of a bright airy bedroom with sheets that have large prints in bright cheery colors. For instance a large hibiscus, a very tropical flower, in a bright pink would be a beautiful compliment to the whites and sand colors that are normally used in tropical themes. You could even use solid color sheets in the colors of a sunset.

Obviously the choices are endless and incredible. It is important to overall design to not overlook the duvet when considering the look you are trying to achieve. They will quickly add or diminish a project, so take the time to stop and put some effort into choosing your bed linens. They are not just for comfort anymore!

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