Beginning With Garden Pond Plants

One of the most exciting aspects of putting a pond in the back garden, aside from introducing the fish, is getting to pick out the plants. Some people even choose to skip the fish and just go with a planted oasis. There’s nothing more soothing than being able to relax by a well-designed pond and watching the plants sway in the water! One of the best aspects of maintaining a well planted pond is that the plants will reduce your nitrate levels in the water. To you, this means that algae will be less of a problem.

The amount of garden pond plants that you use will vary according to the size of the pond that you have. Remember to take care that you aren’t overstocking- this will lead to a lot of plants dying because there isn’t an adequate amount of oxygen and other essential nutrients. For every ten square feet of pond you have, you can approximately put: two bunches of oxygenating plants, one water lily, and one bog plant.

One of the most common methods of planting water plants for ponds is to use the pre-made baskets that they come with. These generally have a special compost or soil in the bottom of them. You can also make your own baskets, or if they are a floating plant simply allow them to float. Keep in mind that they method you use to plant them will vary according to the fish that you keep as well. If you have a pond large enough for koi, you are going to have to try to protect the roots a lot more than if you keep comets or another breed of fancy goldfish.

One final thought to consider when you are planting your pond is that no matter how tempting it is to bring home plants you see at a lake or wild pond, it isn’t advisable. If you accidentally introduce a highly invasive species, you will end up watching all your hard work die as they compete for oxygen and nutrients with the invader. Surface floating plants can also pose the same problem, so take care when you choose any of these options.

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