Benches Add Drama Both Indoor and Out

Whether used indoors or outside in a garden, benches add drama to the area and are can be comfortable seating options for many spaces. There are many different styles, in wood, wrought iron or wicker. They can help draw attention to a special place in the garden or serve as a focal point in an entry way or an enclosed patio room.

Indoors, the type of product you select will depend on the decor. For hallways or entries where seating is needed for putting on and removing boots and outdoor gear, a comfortable, sturdy seat with some storage space is ideal. Many wood products are available in varying sizes, to fit the space and accommodate adults and children alike.

For the enclosed patio, any seating must coordinate with the theme of the room. For an indoor garden look, rattan garden furniture works well and there are woven benches available in earth tones, white and other colors, to add some cheeriness to the greenery and enhance the available natural light.

This type of woven seating works well in natural outdoor spaces as well, in a tranquil spot near a large tree, flowering shrub or fountain. It can also provide a restful spot on a patio or deck, for reading or simply relaxing. To make the seating more comfortable, outdoor cushions are available in many color schemes and prints. Those made for the outdoors are usually made of weather resistant fibers.

While they look good on woven or wicker seats, cushions also work with wrought iron seats. Brighter colors can provide interesting contrast to the dark metals. Even wooden seating can benefit from the additional comfort, if used outdoors.

Seating choices are abundant in patio and outdoor stores. They can also be found in places that sell gardening supplies or in home improvement centers. You may want to look through catalogs or home decor magazines, for ideas on which type of seating will look best in a specific area.

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