Benefits of Adding a Patio to Your Home

Nothing is more livable than a space combining the beauty of the outdoors with the serenity and safety of home. Patios can contemplate a garden, overlook a swimming pool, or merely gaze out across a backyard refuge of peace and quiet. A patio can be as simple or as complicated as your needs require.

The first thing to keep in mind is cost. It is entirely possible to make a lovely patio without blowing the household budget. The key is to not overbuild for your requirements. Patios are no longer a frivolous investment in a home.

Many Californians, for example, spend more time on their patios than they do in their living rooms. When it comes time to sell your home, an added patio gives the impression of more living space to a potential buyer, without involving more costly structural additions. A patio is an added feature that can make or break a sale in a slow housing market. No matter the budget, a patio is a good investment in your home.

The second consideration is the space you have available. Do you want a patio built onto your home? Do you want a detached space deeper in an outdoor space? Many people buy their patio furniture before the actual patio is constructed. That way, they can play with layout and design to gauge the actual space needed.

The third decision is style. It’s a good idea to keep the design consonant with the rest of your home. A Mediterranean villa may look beautiful on a contemporary home, but it may not work as well on a clapboard country house. What type of paver or hard-scaping are you planning?

As for furniture, it’s best to leave the fold-up deck chairs on the Titanic. Remember that your patio can be an outside living room, a dining room, a second kitchen, a den and many other spaces at once. What type of furniture do you really want? Will you be entertaining a lot? What’s the weather like where you live? Whether you just want a good chair to read your good book or conversation sofas with an adjacent barbecue to cook for friends, there are numerous all-weather choices now. While good wicker is a joy forever, cheaper choices may work just as well.

Finishing touches can truly warm up any living space. What about plants? They can help wed your patio with your outdoor space. A waterfall or other water option can cover-up outside noise while adding serenity to any space. Will you be doing nighttime entertaining? What about an outdoor fire pit, fireplace or just a heater for nippy nights? One night-related consideration often overlooked is lighting. There is all-space lighting choices all the way to umbrella lights that cover a specific area.

Remember that your patio is part of your home. With all the choices to be made, the only important decision is to make it a pleasant part of your life.

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