Best Small Apartment Decorating Tips

Small apartments, whether they are temporary or permanent housing, do not need to “feel” temporary. Interior designers and decorators have come up with many ways to make an apartment feel warm and welcoming without seeming cluttered. Even with the limitations that many rented apartments have, such as not being able to paint the walls or hang things, you have many design options for infusing your own personal style into your living space.

Some home decorating tips that may be useful when designing your apartment include the following.

Use mirrors to create a look of more space. By placing mirrors along the sides in a close or narrow hallway it will give the feeling of it being less closed in.

Buy furniture that is smaller in size, such as a love seat or ottoman bed rather then a sofa, or smaller sectional sofas for small spaces.

Furniture should be placed in a pattern that allows the room to flow in an open way. You might try and create some small separate areas where ever you can, using furniture, color, and light instead of walls.

The proportionate use of the wall space is important, e.g. large wall use for a large piece of furniture etc. on down.

Be mindful when you’re choosing the patterns that are on the furniture. If there are large flowers or other large size pattern on a sofa it will make the room feel more closed in.

When selecting color patterns or schemes chose soft, neutral-tending ones.

Keep the ceiling light in color, a bit more then the other colors in the room.

Do not install ceiling lights. It will make it look like it is lower causing the space to feel closed in rather then opening it up.

There is also a final tip when decorating a small apartment. Since you truly have no room for clutter, if you’re not using something, you should throw it away!

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